Technical Training

We provide a complete technical support programme as part of the Kemet package. In the UK, our team of Technical Representatives is always on hand to offer advice and assistance. Internationally, our world-wide network of Kemet subsidiary companies and exclusive distributors have fully qualified technicians and engineers to help solve lapping, polishing and ultrasonic cleaning problems.

Our laboratories use the latest lapping, polishing and ultrasonic cleaners and surface measurement systems to develop improvements to customers processes or to solve specific lapping and polishing problems.

We offer training programmes covering all aspects of lapping and polishing in our Technical Centre or on your site. Courses can be tailored to your specific requirements. These courses are limited to up to 10 people so your specific needs and requirements receive our full attention. The course covers a mixture of theory and practical, but most time is spent getting "hands-on" experience.

Typical subjects covered include:

  • Interpretation of surface finish and flatness on technical drawings
  • Theory of lapping and polishing
  • Lapping Plate Types
  • General methods of lapping and polishing
  • Setting up and operating machines
  • Workholding methods
  • Cleaning
  • Surface finish and flatness measurement

A Certificate is issued on completing a course. Contact us for further details.

Kemet's Lapping Training Tablet

Kemet's Lapping training tablet offers the best alternative to face-to-face training where you can learn at your own pace. The tablet is also ideal if you have received training from Kemet but need a refresher or if you are troubleshooting issues related to Lapping. The training tablet also includes a flatness calculator for working out the required flatness gauge reading to reach your desired flatness and some case studies. Product code: 339223

lapping training tablet

As well as offering full technical support through our Technical Representatives and through our Head Office, there are the following Technical Papers available, free of charge;

Cylindrical Lapping using Helilaps
Plastic Injection Mould Polishing
The Lapping & Polishing of Mechanical Seal and Valve faces using Kemet Lapping Systems

For further information please call Technical Support on: +44 (0)1622 755287.


The feedback I’ve received for all the guys who benefited from Lloyd’s experience was very positive indeed. I would go on to say that this was especially true from those that have had some lapping experience over the years. Truly a testament to Lloyd’s knowledge and communication skills - it was a very valuable 3 days for all. I’m also so relieved and grateful that he was able to bring the 48” machine to a useable condition and with what appeared to be relative ease! 4 hours from Lloyd, 400 from our side!

"Lloyd was really helpful and an extreme professional during the entire training process I can't say enough about his work ethic he was very strong on understanding what our requirements were and worked hard both days. I want to thank you for the follow up and all the emails back-and-forth to get the machine over here and get it working, it's going to save us a ton of money over the next five or 10 years"

Stat Oil - "I learnt more in 1 day of training than the previous 10 years of lapping. I learnt many tricks which will make a big difference to my work."

Post Denmark Stamps - "This course is very good for both non-experienced and experienced people in lapping and polishing. I came away with lots of ideas to try."

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