Control, Gate, Parallel Slide, Globe, Safety and Check Valves, Discs and Wedges Maintenance and Reconditioning

Model G - Suitable for valves with flat seats ø 150 - 1300 mm (6” - 52”)

Valves play a critical role in regulating fluid and gas flow in industrial processes. To ensure that they function properly, their sealing surfaces need to be smooth and flat. This is where valve grinding comes in. Valve grinding is the process of smoothing and flattening the sealing surfaces of valves, ensuring proper sealing and optimal performance.

Valve grinding can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with large valves. However, with the right equipment, it can be made easier and more efficient. The Model G valve grinding machine is designed to tackle the most challenging valve grinding tasks, including gate, parallel slide, globe, check, safety and control valves, discs, and wedges.

The Model G valve grinding machine is suitable for valves with flat seats ranging from ø 150 - 1300 mm (6” - 52”). One of the unique features of this machine is its tilting driving head. This feature gives the user the flexibility to grind both gate and globe valves with the same drive unit. This saves time and effort, making the grinding process faster and more efficient. The Model G valve grinding machine has individually driven grinding heads, which ensure an absolute flat sealing surface. The driving heads have diametrically adjustable grinding heads, which enable the operator to achieve a perfect fit between the valve and the grinding head. The machine comes with an air drive unit as standard, operating at 6 - 7 bar. However, an electric drive unit is available as an alternative, offering more flexibility.

The Model G valve grinding machine features a variable grinding speed on all drive units. This allows the operator to adjust the speed to match the specific valve being ground, ensuring optimal results. The machine comes with self-adhesive grinding discs, which can be quickly attached to the grinding heads. It also comes with rough, medium, and fine grinding discs, and self-adhesive grinding discs ranging from 40 to 1000 grit are available. The Model G valve grinding machine comes with a heavy-duty carrying/storage case that holds the complete machine and all necessary accessories. This ensures that the machine is protected and easy to transport. Additionally, the machine comes with optional extras, such as diamond grinding discs, adaptor plates for wider seats, thin section driving heads, and grinding heads for angled seats.

grinding check valves

Possible range for Model G

A: 150 - 1300 mm (6” - 52”)
B: 68 mm (2.72”) min
C: 100 mm (4”) min
900 mm (36“) standard
1500 mm (60”) max (option)
D: 150 - 1371 mm (6” - 54.8”)
L: 730 mm (29,2”) min
Carrying case: 960 x 520 x 380mm (15.2” x 20.8” x 38.4”)
Total weight: 67 kg (148 lb)

grinding range for model g

telescopically adjustable radial arms

Accessories for Model G
Driving head I 150-300mm (6”-12”) Only the Driving head.
II 300-800mm (12”-32”) Only the Driving head.
IV (Only the Driving head.)
Complete kit incl, arms etc in a case IV 600-1100mm (24”-43”)
IV 600-1300mm (24”-52”)
Chamfering Kit 3° G 150-600mm (6”-24”) in case
150-800mm (6”-32”) in case
300-600mm (12”-24”) in case
300-800mm (12”-32”) in case
Adding plate 50mm (2")
Adding plate 70mm (2 3/4")
Adding plate 105mm (4 1/4")
Grinding disc kit G
Electric drive kit G 220V with gear box
Electric drive kit G 110V with gear box
Extended holder G 1200mm
Grinding arm I L=61 mm
II L=109mm
Ill L= 200mm
IV L=250mm
VI L=350mm
Guiding plate 150-200mm (6”-8”)
200-250mm (8”-10”)
250-300mm (10”-12”)
250-600mm (10”-24”)
600-800mm (24”-32”)
Dust stopper G 150mm (6”)
200mm (8”)
250mm (10”)
300mm (12”)
350mm (14”)
400mm (16”)
500mm (20”)
600mm (24”)
Solid grinding plate G DN 150mm (6”)
200mm (8”)
250mm (10”)
300mm (12”)
350mm (14”)
400mm (16”)
450mm (18”)
500mm (20”)
600mm (24”)
800mm (32”)
1000mm (40”)
Driving head GFL Gear 100mm (4")
125mm (5")
150mm (6”)
200mm (8”)
250mm (10”)
300mm (12”)

Valve Grinding 18 to 42” Gate Valves using the Model G

gate valve maintenance

18inch gate valve maintenance

gate valve reconditioning

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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