Sonic Cutter ZERO - Ultrasonic Cutter

High performance cutter applying ultrasonic vibration at a rate of 38,000 - 40,000 times per second. The easy to maneuver razor sharp cutting edge enables delicate work even on complicated shaped objects. Ultrasonic vibration provides a sleek and precise finish, especially effective for cutting complicated and precise shaping (For cutting fabrics, latex, films, plastics, urethanes and PCB pattern retouching, etc.) and for cutting, clipping and deburring of various thin materials. An accurate and sharp cut can be ensured as there are no vibrations felt on the handpiece. Product Code: 340103

  • Improved visibility - The digital LED display on the controller clearly shows the status of the operating function. The Green LED on the handpiece will indicate whether the power is ON or OFF.
  • Lighter weight - The weight of the controller has been reduced by 46% compared to the previous model. (Sonic Cutter: 2.6 kg → Sonic Cutter ZERO: 1.4 kg)
  • Overheat protection function - The overheat protection function enables continuous use. When a specified temperature is detected, the output will be automatically adjusted to suppress the temperature from rising. If the excessive heat is detected, the controller will stop operating for safety.
  • Reduction of heat level in handpiece - Improvements in the transducer achieving a lower heat level by 28.6 degrees Celsius maximum, compared to the previous model.

Control Unit Specifications

Oscillation frequency: 38 kHz - 40 kHz
Frequency control: Auto-tracking system
Outputs: 30 W
Output adjustment: 21 steps variable
Rated input: Dual Voltage 110/240V
Weight: 1.4 kg
Dimentions: W 161 x D 256 x H 84 mm

Sonic Cutter ZERO - Ultrasonic Cutter

Sonic Cutter ZERO Handpiece

  • The vibration is not transmitted to the users' hand to enable a desired cutting result.
  • Heat protection function enables continuous use without any concerns of overheating.
  • Sonic Cutter ZERO handpiece performs sharp cutting and makes beautiful cutting surface.

NOTE: Sonic Cutter ZERO is not compatible with previous model - Sonic Cutter.

Handpiece Specifications

Oscillator: Bolt-clamped Langevin type
Setting the blade: screwed the blade W 4 mm x thickness 0.38 mm
Length of cord: 3 m
Weight: 120 g (excluding cable)
Dimensions: Max. φ25 x L 166 mm

Sonic Cutter ZERO Spare Parts Code
Foot Pedal/Switch (ON/OFF switch only) 8103
Spare Blade (4 mm x thickness 0.38 mm) BDC-200P

sonic ultrasonic cutter

Specifications Comparison to Previous Model

Model Previous model (Sonic Cutter) Sonic Cutter ZERO
Max. output 30 W       30 W
Oscillating frequency 39.5 kHz 38 kHz - 40kHz
Output adjustment Automatic Oscillation, Automatic Trucking 21 steps variable
Power source Dual Voltage 110/240V AC 100 - 240V
Weight 2.6 kg 1.4 kg (Reduced by 46% compared to previous version)
kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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