Tooling Equipment for Repairing Moulds and Dies

Dies and other tools are subjected to enormous friction and pressure. Also due to heavy impact and thermal load of stamps and cutting dies, wear cannot be prevented. However, you don't want to replace these precious tools just like that. A fast and effective method to carry out repairs prevents long downtime of production machines.


nsk powered hand tools

Micro Grinders for Grinding, Polishing, Deburring and Ultrasonic Polishing and Cutting


diprofil hand tools

Vibrating Polishing, Filing, Lapping, Honing and Deburring hand tools

Kemwelder IV

welding system

Precision Welding system

Helical Lapping

helical lapping

Helilap bore finishing tools

Laser Marking

laser marking metal

Laser engraving for various materials

As well as the above range of tooling equipment we also offer the Flexible Drive System which has proven and become well known for its rugged efficiency, ease of use and versatility for labour intensive heavy duty bench grinding, filing, lapping and polishing operations. Our Magnifying Equipment is ideal for precision work on machined surfaces. In-situ/Portable Grinder & Polisher for repairing large moulds on-site.

For heavy duty clamping this strong magnetic chuck is ideal. The magnet is mounted on high quality ball and socket joint, which can be easily positioned and locked making it very versatile for operating on various components.

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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