Sheenus ZERO Ultrasonic Polisher

The Sheenus ZERO is an update to the Sheenus Neo model. It can be used for grinding, polishing and mirror finishing on a wide range of materials from aluminium dies to cemented carbide dies. It is also perfect for plastic moulds, press, casting, forging, trimming and header dies. This tool quickly removes hard layers of EDM deposits and polishes difficult areas such as complex corners and ribs. Capabilities include deburring, grinding and polishing of precision moulds, dies electronic and ceramic components. The NSK Sheenus Zero is the ideal tool for precision die polishing and burr removal. The Sheenus ZERO can produce up to 40 µm vibration with 29 kHz per second. Product Code: 340100

Sheenus zero NSK

  • Effective polishing in difficult areas such as ribs, corners, side walls and complex shapes
  • Adjustable frequency with a digital power display which eliminates over polishing
  • Sensitive control to tool tip to ensure professional results
  • Ergonomically comfortable and light for effortless work over long periods
  • Homing function allows for frequency adjustments to optimise for tool material and length

New features

  • Enhanced design
  • Improved visibility - LED is installed on the hand piece and flashes during vibration
  • Adapted for worldwide power supply usage
  • Enhanced energy saving - reduced from 31 W to 27 W

Why the Sheenus ZERO is a great choice for professionals of Mould Polishing?

  • Overwhelming polishing power
    • Max. vibrational amplitude: 40 μm
    • 29,000 times frequency per second
    • No vibration to hand
    • Able to polish at deep ribbing efficiently, which is difficult to polish by hand
  • Visualization by digital display
    • Digital display shows amplitude (unique function)
    • Able to standardise work with repeatable results
  • Frequency control to optimum level
    • Able to control the frequency to optimum level with the attached tool, with subtle feeling to finger-tips for delicate finishing!
    • Feels as if the tool is stuck to the workpiece for efficient polishing! 
  • Light weight hand piece
    • Easy to hold
    • Light weight: 140 g
    • Able to polish for longer
  • Enable to polish any workpiece using a wide variety of tools

Sheenus ZERO Ultrasonic Polisher

Specifications Comparison to Previous Model

Model Previous model (Sheenus Neo - NE240) Sheenus ZERO
Max. output power UNCLAMP mode 45 W       45 W
CLAMP mode 20 W      20 W
Oscillating frequency 22.5 kHz 19 k - 29 kHz
Frequency control Homing type Homing type
Vibrational amplitude 40 μm 40 μm
Power conditioning Continuous variable type Variable 21 step type
Power source AC 100 V, 120 V, and 230 V AC 100 - 240 V
Rated power consumption 31 W 27 W
Weight 1.7 kg 1.5 kg
Oscillator Bolt-clamped Bolt-clamped
Langevin type Langevin type
Length of cord 2 m 3 m
Weight (excepting cord) 140 g 140 g

The Sheenus ZERO Set

sheenus zero contents

A Power level indicator
B Indicator (Display the amplitude, WATT and ERROR)
C UP key/ DOWN key
E ON / OFF key (Start and stop the handpiece)
G Main power switch

sheenus zero ultrasonic polisher


  • Controller: 1 pc.
  • Handpiece: 1 pc.
  • Tools: 1 set
    • #601 01 Electroplated diamond file (#200, Flat taper, 4 x 50 mm, t=0.4): 1 pc.
    • #60519 Ceramic fiber grindstone (#800, Flat, 6 x 50 mm, t=1.0): 1 pc.
    • #60902 Tip holder (For round, Ø 3.0 tip): 1 pc.
    • #60922 Tip holder (For flat, t=1.0 tip): 1 pc.
  • Tool box (Plastic): 1 pc.
  • spanner (10 mm): 2 pcs.
  • Hexagon wrench (2.5 mm): 1 pc.
  • Foot switch (FC-24): 1 pc.
  • spare fuse (T1 .6AH 250V): 2 pcs.
  • Main power cord (2 m): 1 pc.
  • (Plug type: 120V or 230V)

Sheenus ZERO is not compatible with SHEENUS neo.