NSK Powered Hand Tools - Micro Grinders

A wide range of precision equipment from NSK Nakanishi for grinding and polishing. NSK Nakanishi offer electrically driven, air driven and ultrasonic polishers. The Nakanishi Micro motors are quiet and possess good torque capabilities as standard, this can be further increased by the use of speed reducers which drop the speed but increase the torque.

Electrically driven

The EVOlution and Espert have a variety of attachments available, which combined with a foot control make them ideal for de-burring. A range of Air Turbine motors can also be used with these attachments.

Ultrasonic Polisher

Sheenus Zero

nsk sheenus zero

For ultrasonic removal of EDM surfaces, blending of cutter lines and fine detail work, the Sheenus ultrasonic polisher is ideal, and is the ideal partner for the Xebec range of Ceramic stones.

Ultrasonic Cutting

Sonic Cutter Zero

nsk sonic cutter

Easy to maneuver razor sharp cutting edge enables delicate work even on complicated shaped objects.

Air Driven

All air driven motors have silencers and a foot control option. Benefits of the foot control is the ability to hold a component in one hand and introduce the tool to the job while stationary and start the motor using the foot control, especially helpful when working in bores.

Micro-Grinder/Deburrer for Precision Engineers - Catalogue

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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