Laser Marking Machines

With the Kemet laser engraving machine you can engrave various materials in-house. The device is ideal for detailed markings. A PC controls the system and is very easy to use. Software features:

  • Textual design, with a huge choice of fonts
  • Barcode or QR code, so marked items can be easily identified with a scanner or smartphone
  • (Vector) images
  • You can draw, arrange, align and group shapes
  • Within the software, the speed and frequency of the laser can be varied for each part of the design

By varying the parameters speed and frequency, you control the depth of the engraving. This in turn gives a difference in colour. This is also the way to match your design to the material to be engraved. For your convenience, some materials and their parameters are already predefined in the parameter library.

Example of height difference

Height differences of 3 mm are compensated without loss of quality.

example height difference for laser marking

Example of cavity

Punch Ø: 15 mm
Font size: 3 mm
Stock removal: 0.5 mm

Example of cavity laser marking

This overview shows you results by varying the forward feed and frequency. The output is always set to 35% in this example. The numbers from 100 to 800 represent the forward feed rate and the numbers from 20 to 70 indicate the selected frequency.

laser marking

colour variation with laser marking

Closed Laser Marker (PLM20 & PLM30 models)

benchtop laser marker machine

Laser cabins - Medium

Medium Laser cabins

Controlled by user-friendly software that is intuitively controlled. Equipped with 4 adjustable feet and 4 castors making it also suitable for “mo-bile” use.

Benchtop Laser Marking Machine (Open laser - table-top)

benchtop laser marking machine

Open laser marker which can swivel the LaserMarker head as desired, making it possible to apply markings on vertical surfaces.

Laser Marker Machine (Open laser - mobile)

laser marker machine

Mobile open laser marker which can change the laser head position vertically and/or horizontally up to 360°.

Models Laser cabins Open laser
Standard Medium Table-top Mobile
Mains voltage 220-240 V, 0.5 kVA, 50 Hz 220 volts, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 A
Type Fibre Laser
Output (w) 20 30 20/30 20 30
Wavelength (nm) 1064
Marking area (mm) 110 x 110
Working area (mm) (WxHxD) max. 350 x 130 x 230 550 x 450 x 350 400 x 350 x 300 ∞ x 1150 x 100-620
Dimensions (mm) (WxHxD) 430 x 690 x 680 800 x 1100 x 1100 305 x 710 x 600 850 x 1480 x 800
Weight (kg) 63 260 40 51


Continuous marking of cylindrical components is not possible without a motorised rotary axis. The motorised rotary axis continuously moves the workpiece into the optimum position. Marking is performed evenly over the entire length. Two sizes are available. With the standard lens, the marking area is 110 x 110 mm. This area can be increased for example by changing the lens.

X-Y table for laser marking
X/Y table
Dimensions: 95 x 350 x 270 mm
Drilling holes: M6 (25 x 25 mm grid)
Colour: silver
Weight: 7.6 kg

Rotary axis for laser marking
Rotary axis, motorised
Clamping width: up to 80 mm

Rotary axis for laser marker
Rotary axis, motorised
Clamping width: up to 60 mm

eye protection glasses for laser marker
Eye protection glasses
for LaserMarker systems

lens for laser marker
for LaserMarker systems Max. marking area 150 x 150 mm
(other sizes on request)

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