Kemet Stone Holders

Several types of Holders are available to suit many popular sizes of Gesswein (and other) abrasive stones, together with Xebec Ceramic Stones, Ruby Stones and lapping sticks. The range includes Holders for use with reciprocating action machines. Some Holders have fixed axis shanks, some have variable axis shanks.

LT Stone Holder

An economically priced, lightweight, double-ended stone holder made of durable plastic with a black nonglare finish. One end holds 3x6mm stones, and the other holds 3x13mm and 6x6mm stones. Measures 140mm long.

LT Stone Holder

Screw-Lock Stone Holder

Screw-type lock holds the stone securely. Designed for comfortable use. Holds 13x6mm stones. Measures 181mm long.

Screw-Lock Stone Holder

Pencil Stone Holder (Type A)

Push-button holder for easy loading. Holds 4mm square stones. Measures 133mm long.

Pencil Stone Holder

Double Enders (Type B)

Will accommodate pencil stones as well as small round and square stones up to 6x6mm. Available in three colours (blue, black and red) that may be used to distinguish one grit or grade of stone from another. Set of three (Code: 311506) contains one of each colour. Measure 181mm overall length.

Double Ender stone holder

Ceramic Stone Holders

For handheld work with ceramic stones. Available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10mm flat sizes, 3mm round or 0.5mm and 0.9mm square sizes. Measures approximately 336mm long.

Round Holder 3mm
Square Holder 0.5mm
Square Holder 0.9mm
Flat Holder 1-10mm

round Ceramic Stone Holders
square 0.5mm Ceramic Stone Holders
square 1mm Ceramic Stone Holders
flat Ceramic Stone Holders

Economy Adjustable Stone Holder - 3mm Shank

The Economy Adjustable Stone Holder accommodates stones up to 14mm thick. Plastic serrated jaw holds stones securely. Surface is black and nonreflecting. Made of steel (except serrated jaw and shank housing) with a 3mm shank.

Economy Adjustable Stone Holder

ST-38 Stone Holder ­ 3mm Shank

Allows you to secure square, round, and rectangular stones in reciprocating handpieces. Adjustable hinge lets you change the angle of the stone to fit your application. Made of durable plastic with serrated jaws and set screw for tightening stone into place. Accepts round stones up to 13mm in diameter, rectangular stones up to 9.5mmH x 13mm(W) and square stones up to 9.5mm. 3mm steel shank. Complete with allen wrench.

ST-38 Stone Holder

Super Stone holder

Tool-holder made of hardened steel for use together with ceramic fibre stones (Super stones) and lapping-/polishing tools with a thickness of 1 mm. Shank Ø: 3mm Shank length: 18mm Total length: 31.5mm Width: 8mm Weight: 4.3 g

Super Stone holder

Universal tool holder

Tool-holder made of hardened steel for use together with polishing stones and lapping-/polishing tools with a thickness of 3mm. Shank Ø: 3mm Shank length: 18mm Total length: 31.5mm Width: 8mm Weight: 3.9 g

Universal tool holder

Universal tool holder

Tool holder for Super Stones, Super Grinders and Polishing Stones to be used together with the Diprofil Polishing/Filing Machines. Stainless hardened shank Ø 3.0 mm. Shank length approx. 35 mm. Maximum tool thickness 6 mm.

Universal tool holder
kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

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