Kemet Felts (Rectangles, Bobs, Cones, Wheels and Sticks)

Kemet Felt accessories are suitable for flexible shaft or power tools. They are made from pure wool in variety of sizes and shapes suitable for final polishing operations (E.g with diamond compound). All our finished felt products comply with source and process requirements specified in DIN EN ISO 22442-1 and DIN EN ISO 22442-2.

Felt Bobs

felt bobs

Description Code
20mm dia x 38mm 3mm spindle 321306
16mm dia x 34mm 3mm spindle 321307
12mm dia x 25mm 3mm spindle 321308
9mm dia x 14mm 3mm spindle 321309
7mm dia x 11mm 3mm spindle 321310
38mm dia x 38mm 6mm spindle 321331

Available in 3mm spindle and 6mm spindle

Felt Cones

felt cones

Description Code
20mm dia x 28mm 3mm spindle 321347
16mm dia x 28mm 3mm spindle 321348
12mm dia x 28mm 3mm spindle 321349
9mm dia x 20mm 3mm spindle 321350
7mm dia x 16mm 3mm spindle 321351
25mm dia x 25mm 6mm spindle 321394
38mm dia x 38mm 6mm spindle 321375

Available in 3mm spindle and 6mm spindle

Miscellaneous Felt Accessories

felt accessories

Felt wheels, felt sticks, mounted felt sticks and felt rectangles are available in a variety of sizes

Description Code
Felt Wheels 25mm dia Pack 10 321371
Spindle for Felt Wheels 1/8in dia 321372
Felt Sticks 6x6x100mm Pack 10 321382
Felt Sticks 10x10x100mm Pack 10 321383
Mounted Felt Sticks 6x6x40mm Pack 10 321385
Mounted Felt Sticks 10x10x40mm Pack 10 321386
Felt Rectangles 50x25x3mm Pack 10 321373
kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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