Gesswein Mounted Stones

gesswein mounted stones

Mounted stones are produced with aluminium oxide as a cutting material in a hard porcelain-like bonding containing cobalt. The bonding gives these stones a very long life and an extraordinary ability to maintain their shape.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, in 1/8" shank (by default) or 3mm shank (upon request)

W142 2.4mm dia x 6.4mm 312112
W144 3.2mm x 6.4mm 312113
W145 3.2mm dia x 9.5mm 312114
W149 4mm dia x 6.4mm 312115
W152 4.8mm dia x 6.4mm 312116
W153 4.8mm dia x 9.5mm 312117
W162 6.4mm dia x 9.5mm 312118
W163 6.4mm dia x 12.7mm 312119
W170 7.9mm x 12.7mm 312120
W175 9.5mm dia x 9.5mm 312121
W176 9.5mm dia x 12.7mm 312122
W181 12.7mm dia x 1.6mm 312123
W182 12.7mm dia x 3.2mm 312124
W185 12.7mm dia x 12.7mm 312125
W200 19mm dia x 3.2mm 312126
W215 25.4mm dia x 3.2mm 312127
B44 5.6mm dia x 9.5mm 312101
B45 4.8mm dia x 7.6mm 312102
B52 9.5mm dia x 19mm 312103
B53 6.4mm x 15.9mm 312104
B55 3.2mm dia x 6.4mm 312105
B71 15.9mm x 2.4mm 312106
B96 3.2mm dia x 6.4mm 312107
B97 2.4mm dia x 9.5mm 312108
B105 6.4mm dia x 6.4mm 312109
B122 9.5mm dia 312110
B123 4.8mm dia 312111