Gesswein Abrasive Stones

You can efficiently process mould surfaces with polishing stones. The great diversity of stones makes it difficult to choose the type that perfectly suits your application. Gesswein Abrasive Stones are designed to be used directly after machining, or spark eroding, in the preparation of surfaces for final polishing. All stones are manufactured to high standards from a liquid mix of the abrasive and the bonding agent, which is then fired in a thermostatically controlled kiln to ensure uniform distribution of the abrasive particles in each stone.

Gesswein stones are made up of an abrasive grain of different types of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide in a carrier. The stones are cut after firing and ground to size when cold, this process yields consistent quality and performance. Care should be taken in use and storage to prevent contamination from one grit, or type, to another. It is recommended that Kemet Stoning Oil is used as a lubricant with the stones.

Which Gesswein polishing stone is most suitable for your application?

For the rough work you choose a coarse grain, for a low roughness it is better to use a less coarse stone. Soft carriers are ideal for machining tool steel and soft non-ferrous metals. Hard stones are more likely to be used with hardened materials. The wear rate of the stone determines whether it quickly takes the shape of your workpiece. It is often useful to use a cutting oil when polishing. However, some stones can also be used dry.

Gesswein Abrasive Stones

Use the chart below to determine which finishing stone is right for you based upon the type of surface or contact us to ask our technical staff to choose the best stone for your application.

u = Most commonly used for each application.

Surface Type Mould-maker Mould-maker Plus Diemaker EDM EDM Blue Oil Treated Premium White RA GP Super Fine Ultra Soft Rough Out
All Tool Steels
Heat Treated Tool Steel u
EDM Surface u
Machined Surface u
Stainless Steel u
Aluminum u
Non-Ferrous u
High Polishing u
Rough Grinding u
Abrasive Type Silicon Carbide Aluminium Oxide

Gesswein Diemaker (DF)

(Beige/light brown) This range of stones has established itself as one of the most popular in use today. Fast cutting with moderate breakdown, the DF can be used on both hard and soft steels, and is also suitable for some non-ferrous materials. Able to be used by hand or in profiling machines.

  • By far our most popular finishing stone.
  • This Medium-hard, aluminum oxide stone combines the characteristics of fast cutting and moderate breakdown.
  • Ideal for general purpose stoning on hard and soft grades of tool steel such as H-13, P-21, SS420 and pre-finishing on aluminum.
  • The precise grit size of aluminum oxide is evenly distributed throughout each stone to ensure consistent cutting time and time again.
  • Can be used by hand or in a reciprocating profiler.
gesswein DF stones

Gesswein EDM Orange

(Orange) stones are designed to remove the tough hard scale left by ElectroDischarge Machining. These stones contain extra sharp particles of Aluminium Oxide, together with a small amount of Chromium Oxide, within a special bond, which enables them to follow contours. May be used by hand, or in a profiler.

  • Remove the tough, hard scale left by the EDM process much faster than any of our other finishing stones.
  • Contains extra-sharp premium-grade aluminum oxide for fast cutting action.
  • Special clay bond enables the EDM stones to hold their shape well for working small details and sharp corners.
  • Breaks down slowly, cuts fast and resists loading.
Gesswein EDM

Gesswein EDM Blue

(Blue) stones are a natural development from the extremely popular EDM (orange) stones. Due to the inclusion of a small amount of cobalt, they are harder than EDM, maintaining their strength even in small section sizes, with good resistance to loading. Excellent for use in profiling or ultrasonic machines. EDM Blue stones break down slowly and cut fast. Very good for detailed work.

  • Harder than our regular EDM Stones and designed specifically to remove the tough, hard scale left by the EDM process.
  • Contains extra-sharp premium-grade aluminum oxide for fast cutting action plus a small amount of cobalt blue for added hardness.
  • Breaks down slowly and cuts fast.
  • Resists breakage and specifically designed for use in reciprocating profilers.
gesswein edm stones

Gesswein Oil Treated (OT)

These stones have been increasing in popularity over recent years. Able to be used on hard or soft mould and die steels, OT stones are made from white premium grade Aluminium Oxide, in a medium/hard bond, which is soaked in oil during the manufacturing process. This enables the stones to be used, if required, without lubrication. OT stones maintain good shape during use, and are excellent for processing machined or even EDM surfaces. Good for use in profiling machines.

  • Excellent for machined surfaces.
  • Fine cutting ability.
  • Medium-hard stone with white aluminium oxide soaked with oil.
  • Can be used without additional lubrication.
  • Holds shape well for finishing mould details. Moderate breakdown.
  • Often used for EDM removal. Special oil treatment prevents loading.
gesswein oil treated stones

Gesswein Premium White (PW)

Hard general purpose polishing stone, made of pure white premium Aluminium oxide abrasive, for use on all steels from hard to softer. Exposed sharp grains cause the stone to cut well. Good shape retention for finishing surface details. A special additive makes this stone load resistant. Both our PW and OT stones work well in a profiler and ultrasonic polisher.

  • Pure white premium-grade aluminum oxide stones
  • Specially formulated to be load-resistant.
  • Can be used on all steels, from the hard A2, D2 and M2 to the softer P20, 420SS and SAE4130.
  • Retain their shape well, making them a good choice for finishing details.
  • Can be used in a profiler or ultrasonic polisher.
Gesswein premium white polishing stones

Gesswein RA

Manufactured from very hard Aluminium Oxide within a resin bond to give flexibility and resilience. Excellent for corners, deep ribs and areas of fine detail, these stones produce a finer finish than other stones of the same grit. RA stones are extremely versatile and may be used by hand, or with profiler or ultrasonic.

  • Aluminium oxide abrasive bonded together with a unique organic resin bond gives these stones great resiliency.
  • Retain their shape and have a flexing capability, making them resistant to breakage even during heavy use.
  • Leave a finer finish with less stock removal than other stones of the same grit.
  • Can be used by hand, in a profiler or in an ultrasonic polisher on all mould and die steels.
  • Ideal for finishing slots, deep ribs and other hard-to-reach mould areas and can also be used to remove EDM scale.
RA Gesswein stones

Gesswein General Purpose (GP)

  • Cuts well, holds their shape and resists loading.
  • Made of extra-sharp pure white aluminium oxide grains in a specially formulated bond & a proprietary treatment.
  • Suitable for use on both EDM and machined surfaces of all tool and hardened steels.
  • Polishers will notice the special treatment provides a lubricating effect.

Gesswein General Purpose GP stones

Gesswein Mouldmaker (MF)

(Grey/Blue), soft-bonded Silicon Carbide, which constantly presents fresh sharp edged particles to the work material. These stones produce fast stock removal and are widely used on hardened steel surfaces, as well as to rough finish non-ferrous materials. Excellent for contours. Generally used by hand.

  • Resists loading.
  • Ideal for blending, detailing radii and following contours.
  • Suitable for working on all types of steels as well as roughing out nonferrous metals.
  • Medium-soft stone with silicon carbide abrasive designed to break down rapidly and expose fresh edges.
Gesswein MF Mouldmaker

Gesswein Mouldmaker Plus (MFP)

(Grey/Blue), slightly harder than MF, the MFP cuts well with slower breakdown. It is a good choice for contours and radii, and generates a silky matt surface on hardened steels. Can be used on non-ferrous materials. May be used by hand or in a profiler.

  • A premium complement to the Mouldmaker Series.
  • Produces a silky matte finish on all prehardened tool steels, from 28Rc SAE 4130 through 60Rc A2 and M2. Can also be used to rough out aluminium, beryllium copper and kirksite.
  • General-purpose, premium-grade green silicon carbide stones.
  • A good choice for stoning contours and radii.
  • Medium stone with slower breakdown characteristics than our standard Mouldmaker stones.
Gesswein MFP Mouldmaker Plus

Gesswein Super Fine (SF)

Made of levigated alumina, SF series has a very rapid breakdown and does not scratch. Ideal for finishing steel. An excellent stone for final finish prior to diamond polishing.

  • One of our “softest” stones for finishing P20 and 420SS steel surfaces­. Breaks down very rapidly and does not scratch.
  • Contain levigated (finely powdered) alumina.
  • Good choice for finishing details.
  • Not quite as soft as our Ultra-Soft stones.
gesswein super fine stones

Gesswein Ultra Soft (US)

Specially developed for use on soft and non-ferrous metals, with excellent results obtained on Aluminium in particular. Manufactured with an extra soft bond, the US stone shapes readily to contours. Fast cutting without loading. Recommended for use by hand only.

  • Aluminium oxide abrasive with a special bonding agent designed for very rapid breakdown.
  • Cuts fast without loading; easily shaped for contours.
  • Formulated for soft metals, stainless steel, aluminium,brass, beryllium and kirksite.
gesswein ultra soft stones

Gesswein Rough Out (ROX)

  • Large, coarse, relatively soft stones containing aluminum oxide.
  • Cuts fast with rapid breakdown.
  • Quickly remove rough scratches and machine tool marks.
  • A good choice for roughing surfaces of larger molds and dies.
  • Ideal for “hogging” out large amounts of material prior to finishing.

rough out stones

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