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This kit contains the basic requirements for die polishing, from a machined or spark eroded finish. In addition, a rotary drive will be required for the Felt Bobs. The lapping sticks and abrasive finish stones can be used either by hand or in a reciprocating-filing machine.

To polish moulds we suggest the following sequence as a guide.

  1. From a Spark Eroded surface use Gesswein Stones EDM 120 grit (if surface is course ) EDM 180 grit. EDM 320 grit. Suggestions: Use the OS fluid in the kit in a clean container as Stoning Oil. (Kemet stoning oil is available separately.) Use the stone in one direction, then use the next grade, again in one direction, but at 90° to the previous grade. To avoid cross contamination clean in between each grade with Type CO-42 cleaning fluid. This is very important.
  2. From a Machined surface use Gesswein Stones. DF 220 grit (if starting with a machined surface) DF 320 grit (continuation from EDM 320 grit) DF 400 grit
  3. Bramet Silicon Carbide Papers. 600 grit. Fine Grade. 1000 grit. Very Fine Grade. Suggestions: These papers have a self-adhesive backing and therefore can be adhered to a lapping stick or a suitable alternative. Use wet with OS fluid, Kerosene or soapy water, in one direction as the stones, again, clean between each stage.
  4. Kemet Diamond Compounds. 25-KD-C2 or 14-KD-C2 compound and Hard Wood Lapping Sticks followed by the same compound and Soft Wood Lapping Sticks. (If stage 3 has been applied use 14-KD-C2.) 6-KD-C2 compound and Soft Wood Lapping Sticks. 6-KD-C2 compound and Felt. 3-KD-C2 compound and Felt. (If necessary for a higher finish.) Simichrome Polish and Tissue or Felt. (If necessary to remove bloom.)

Suggestions: As a lubricant, use small quantities of O.S. fluid with the Diamond compound. Clean thoroughly with Type CO-42 cleaning fluid when changing to a finer grade of Diamond compound. When using Felt Bobs use the end in preference to the diameter. Spin the Bob in the chosen power system and with a sharp knife carefully clear away the centre on the end. This makes the Bob more controllable and acts as a reservoir for the Diamond compound. Keep used Sticks, Felts and Bobs of the same compound together in a clean bag for future use and to avoid contamination of different grades.

die polishing kit

Contents of the Mould & Die Polishing Introduction Kit:

  • Kemet Diamond Compound in 5 gram Applikators in 4 grades, including, 25, 14, 6 and 3 micron particle size.
  • Simichrome Polish.
  • O.S. lubricating fluid, 450 ml.
  • Hard Wood lapping sticks, pack of 10.
  • Soft Wood lapping sticks, pack of 10.
  • Felt Bobs with either 1/8” or 3mm shank, 2 packs of 10.
  • Felt rectangulars, pack of 10.
  • Gesswein Introduction kit of EDM abrasive stones.
  • Gesswein introduction kit of DF abrasive stones.
  • Stone Holders.
  • Bramet self-adhesive silicon carbide waterproof papers, 2 packs of 10.
  • CO-42 cleaning fluid, 450ml.
  • All fitted into Aluminium case.

Product code: 321589

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We hope the above has been helpful in starting you in Die Polishing. It is a skill that requires patience and many hours of practice. If you require advice on any aspect of Die Polishing, please contact our technical representatives

Wire Die Polishing

Kemet International Limited, leaders in precision polishing for over 85 years, have developed the next generation of Diamond Products for polishing Diamond and Tungsten Carbide wire drawing dies.

Diamond Compounds and Diamond Suspensions are available in oil or water soluble formulations. They offer high heat stability and excellent lubrication properties.

Users have reported up to 30% increase in stock removal compared with conventional polishing.

Diamond Compounds are mainly used on Tungsten Carbide wire drawing dies. The die is rotated in a chuck at approximately 1500 rpm. A metal shaped lap (cast iron, mild steel) is entered into the die with coarse Diamond Compound. The laps are then changed from metal to hard and soft wood sticks. Grades of Diamond Lapping Compound used are usually 45, 14 and 3 micron.

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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