Advanced High End Grinding & Polishing For Specimen Preparation

Ideal for applications requiring extremely flat specimen surfaces.

  • Suitable for both 250mm and 300 mm applications
  • Robust construction on dual columns.
  • Motorized positioning of the head in vertical (Z) and horizontal (X) axes with memory function.
  • Transparent cover for improved safety and working area
  • Precise control of the force applied.
  • Combined Z axis material removal control system.
  • Ability to store and recall preparation programs on the LCD screen.
  • Efficient control of consumable consumption by integrated Peristaltic Dispensing Unit.

fully automated specimen preparation

The working wheel is powered by a high torque 1.5 HP electric motor. The state of the art frequency converter allows smooth speed variation (50-600 rpm) of the grinding wheel with soft start and soft stop. The specimen holder is equipped with variable speed 50-150 rpm as well. The stylish and functional GRP housing is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Molded wheel bowls and drains eliminate leaks and the build-up of residue is prevented by constant flushing of the bowl.

Model Digiprep Accura
Application of Force Individual + Central
Individual Force, (N) 5-100
Central Force, (N) 30-500
Head Motor Power 100 W
Base Motor Power 0.75 W
Head Speed, (rpm) 50-150
Base Speed, (rpm) 50-600
Wheel Diameter, (mm) 250 / 300
Head Rotation Direction CW
Wheel Rotation Direction CW / CCW
X-Axis Positioning Yes
HMI Touch Screen, (inch) 5.7"
Program Memory 25
Grinding Depth Measurement(Z-Axis) Yes
Grinding Depth Measurement Accurracy (µ) 10 µ
Automatic Drip Lubritacing Yes
Dimensions, WxDxH, (cm) 480x730x640
Weight, (kgs) 180

Both “Central’ and /or “Individual” forces can be applied and single samples as well as multi samples can be accommodated. Thus, offering a perfect solution for all levels of sample throughput requirements. The specimen mover head has motorized positioning in horizontal and vertical directions with memory function. The force on the specimen ‘individual” or “central” is pneumatically controlled by a pressure transducer. A built-in encoder allows you to measure the amount of material removed from the surface. The desired grinding depth can be set to grind different type of samples and also for applications that need special accuracy.

The drive elements are fixed on heavy duty aluminum alloy casting. The wheels are mounted on ball bearings allowing the application of high pressures to prepare even large specimens and provides quiet and vibration free operation. When required, the base unit can be operated in manual mode, as well. Digiprep Accura has advanced techniques and software with programmable HMI touch screen controls increasing the productivity, sample consistency and operator comfort. It is used to prepare high volumes of metallographic, ceramic and mineralogical specimens with consistent reproducible quality.

The “soft start and stop” feature automatically starts the sequence with a low initial force which is then increased to the preset. Towards the end of the cycle the force is automatically reduced to 75 % of the setting to prevent scratching. A variety of sample Holders for individual or central force applications are available for different sample sizes.

digiprep features

Retractable water hose for easy cleaning
Special plexyglass protection unite
Simple exchange of working disc
Enviro recirculating filtering unit (1 micron)


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