Shore & International Rubber Hardness Density (IRHD)

Shore durometers and IRHD hardness testers (IRHD = International Rubber Hardness Density) are designed to determine the indentation hardness of materials ranging from cellular products to rigid plastics and rubber.

Analogue Shore Hardness Tester. 3110

Analogue Shore Hardness Tester
Analogue Shore Hardness Tester

These hardness testers meet the requirements of test standards DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240, ISO 868, and NFT 51109. These hardness testers can be supplied with or without drag-pointers. The testers with drag pointer make testing at poorly accessible places easier as the measured value is displayed via the drag-pointer and can conveniently be read off later.

  • Soft rubber, elastomers and natural rubber tested to Shore A
  • Harder elastomers, plastics, and rigid thermoplastics to Shore D
  • Soft elastomers and textile fabrics to Shore 0
  • Foam/sponge/cellular rubber to Shore 00
  • Elastomers harder than Shore A to Shore B
  • Medium hard elastomers to Shore C

Digital Shore Hardness Tester. 3130/3140

Digital Shore Hardness Tester

The digital Shore hardness testers are available in two (basic) versions: as electronic hardness tester to Shore and as a Shore measurement head with electronics unit. The digital hardness testers (Shore A, D, B, C, D0, 0 00/ Densimeter) serve to determine the hardness of rubber, elastomers and plastics according to DIN 53505, ISO R 868, NFT 51109, ASTM D 2240, and BS 903 Part A26.

Determination of the hardness value after dwell times of 3 seconds (to DIN) and 1 second (ISO) can be considered with digital hardness testers.

Digital IRHD Micro-Compact Hardness Tester. 3103

Micro-Compact Hardness Tester

The Zwick 3103 digital IRHD micro-compact hardness tester consists of a basic casing with integrated electronics and display, a height adjustable support table for the specimen, and a pillar with a built-in IRHD micro (DIN 53519-2) measurement device. The hardness tester can be used for tests on O-rings, seals, shaped parts and hoses of a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm.

A two-line LC display provides information on the measurement range, the measurement time and the test data. The measurement duration (0...75 seconds) and the language (German, English, French) can be set via the coding switch. The test data can be transmitted for further processing and archiving via an RS232 interface when using the test software testXpert®. The test results are automatically transmitted to a custom test report and are statistically evaluated.

Digital IRHD / Shore Hardness tester. 3105

Shore Hardness tester

The Zwick 3105 digi test is a microcomputer-controlled hardness tester with an extremely high measurement accuracy in several measurement ranges of IRHD (also IRHD-ss Supersoft) and Shore.

The hardness tester offers quick and fully automatic measurement without operating influences in all Shore and IRHD ranges. The digital measurement systems enable a high measurement accuracy to be achieved. It can be put to use, for example, in conjunction with an automatic test sequence for hardness tests on shaped parts and on laminates.

The indenter touches the specimen's surface before the spring force is applied for Shore tests, or before the main load is applied for IRHD tests. Thus, this patented procedure ensures reliable measurements on shaped parts with concave or convex surfaces.

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