Rockwell Hardness Tester (Closed-Loop Controlled Automatic Hardness Testing)

DUROLINE R-Series are ideal instruments for quality assurance, quality control, research and metallurgical departments to monitor the hardness during fabrication and after heat treatment or welding as well as for the performance analysis on metal parts and new alloys. Typical applications are determining the Rockwell hardness of steel alloys and metal components, small cut samples or large pieces, cylinrical or spherical parts, pipes, large rings, gears, crankshaft and performing Jominy test etc.

  • Versatile load range from 3 kgf up to 250 kgf
  • Closed-Loop Controlled load application by load cell technology
  • Complete Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell test scales
  • Brinell Depth test scales up to 250 kgf
  • Flexible Windows 10 based hardness test & measurement program N-Sure
  • Database generating test results and reports
  • User Interface by 11.6" HD 10-point multi-touch screen
  • Integrated Windows operated mini-PC, Intel, SSD specs
  • Interface network USB(x6), HDMI(x1), RS232(x2), LAN(x1) and Wireless LAN
  • Large sample accommodation capacity
  • Very robust housing for precise measurement
  • New generation electronics and submicron precision depth measurement unit in full system integration
  • Service friendly, remote accessability
  • Meets latest ISO, ASTM and JIS standards

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Recently developed by an international multi-disciplinary team with a wide hardness testing experience, the DUROLINE R-Series are based on the latest technology available, focused on fast cycle time with high reproduceable accuracy within international standards. The system features a smart and very service-friendly synergy of a robust and proven mechanical construction with load cell force control and integrated electronics system control featured by a fast CANBUS technology and a high-quality Windows based mini-pc. Monitoring the hardness testing process significantly improved by using modern user interfacing technology such as 10-point multi-touch screen operation supported by a fast & secure display connection. Combined with top quality components and a high performance mini-pc, this system guarantees customers a solid and accurate performance over many years to come. In this way, the DUROLINE R Rockwell hardness tester series offers a highly functional and reliable automated indentation test & measurement system.

Versatile load range from 3 kgf up to 250 kgf

DUROLINE R has a force range from 3 kgf up to 250 kgf. It can perform the complete Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell test scales. Moreover, it is also possible to perform Brinell Depth measurements up to 250 kgf test loads. Any specimen can be tested and measured within the applicable standards. Fast and easy settings of test scale from the touch screen monitor menu icon.

'N-Sure' Test and Measurement Software

The 'N-Sure' software program features a flexible Windows based user interface that increases productivity and operator efficiency by automating the test & measurement process and optional motor-stage navigation process. Since the application and removal of the test loads and measurement are fully automatic, repeatability is excellent, testing time is reduced and throughput is increased. As a result, costly and time-consuming rework is eliminated.

Automatic Preload & Automatic Test Start & Automatic Measurement

After sample is clamped by moving up the spindle, press start button and measurement cyle automatically started. Preload application, main force application, Indentation depth measurement and Hardness calculation are performed automatically.

If clamping nose is not used, in this case software will visually inform and guide the operator for touch the indenter on the sample. The DUROLINE R will automatically detect contact between the sample and indenter and will start the test cycle automatically. It is not necessary to apply manual preload even with the unclamped test. If you want to make multiple measurements on the sample sample or another sample with the same height, it is not necessary to contact indenter and sample again. The DUROLINE R automatically recognize the previous contact position and will start the test automatically.

Database generating test results and reports

N-Sure software program provides advanced database management of test results, report generation and printing fuctions. Saving and retrieving measurement data is an absolute requirement when it comes to testing hardness results of critical components in various industrial segments. The N-Sure program ensures that data is safely stored and presented in standard or customized reporting form.

Factory Certificated Direct and Indirect Calibration Report

All DUROLINE R-Series testers are calibrated according to DIN ISO 6508-2:2015 Rockwell hardness test standard.

hardness testing software

Optional Diamond Cone Rockwell and Carbide Ball Rockwell/Brinell indenters with ISO/DaKKs Certificated (Made in Germany)

DUROLINE R is suitable for Rockwell diamond cone indenter, Rockwell carbide ball indenter from 1/16" to 1/2" and Brinell carbide ball indenter from 1 mm to 10 mm. With these indenters, all Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell test scales can be performed. In addition, Brinell Depth tests can be made up to 250 kgf test force.

Closed-Loop Controlled Load Application by Load Cell Technology

DUROLINE R-Series testers equipped high technology closed-loop load cell sytem. Load cell system provides wide load range with maximum accuracy and repeatability for all test loads without exceeding target load threshold.

High precision spindle

For accurate Rockwell hardness testing, the spindle must withstand the Rockwell test force and must have zero displacement during force application. By using quality components and design experience, the DUROLINE R-Series spindles quarantee long life without loss of accuracy due to wear and friction, even for large and heavy specimens.

Automatic Test Cycle

The test cycle for Rockwell hardness testing such as preload application, main load application and depth measurement, is performed automatically. This provides quick and simple tests with maximum repeatibility.

Hardness Scales Rockwell Regular Scales as per ISO 6508 & ASTM E18 HRA, HRBW, HRC, HRD, HREW, HRFW, HRGW, HRHW, HRKW
Rockwell Regular Scales as per ASTM E18 HRLW, HRMW, HRPW, HRRW, HRSW, HRVW
Rockwell Superficial Scales as per ISO 6508 & ASTM E18 HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15TW, HR30TW, HR45TW
Rockwell Superficial Scales as per ASTM E18 HR15WW, HR30WW, HR45WW, HR15XW, HR30XW, HR45XW, HR15YW, HR30YW, HR45YW
Brinell Depth Scales HBT 1/5 to 10/250
Test Loads Preload for Superficial Rockwell (kgf) 3 kgf
Preload for Rockwell (kgf) 10 kgf
Test Loads for Superficial Rockwell (kgf) 15 kfg, 30 kgf, 45 kgf
Test Loads for Rockwell (kgf) 60kfg, 100kgf, 150kgf
Test Loads for Brinell Depth (kgf) 5 kgf to 250 kgf
Test Load Accuracy As per ISO 6508 and ASTM E18
Load Force Application Motorised force application with closed loop load cell control, Automatic preload, Automatic main load, dwell, unload
Load Selection N-Sure test settings
Indenters Indenters for Rockwell Hardness Testing Rockwell diamond cone indenter (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany) Rockwell carbide ball indenter 1/16" (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany) Rockwell carbide ball indenter 1/8" (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany) Rockwell carbide ball indenter 1/4" (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany) Rockwell carbide ball indenter 1/2" (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany)
Indenters for Brinell Depth Hardness Testing Brinell carbide ball indenter 1 mm (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany) Brinell carbide ball indenter 2.5 mm (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany) Brinell carbide ball indenter 5 mm (ISO/DaKKs Certified, Made in Germany) Brinell carbide ball indenter 10 mm (ISO/DaKKs Certifivated, Made in Germany)
Controller System Controller USB(x6), HDMI(x1), RS232(x2), LAN(x1) and Wireless LAN
Interface Network Optional Keyboard, Mouse (wireless)
Auxilliary Windows 10
User Interface Operating System N-Sure
User Interface Software "Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 23°C +/- 5°C
Tester Body Operational Environmental Conditions Ambient Humidity Range: RH 40% to 70% relative humidity, non-condensing"
Dimensions, WxDxH 200 x 535 x 804 mm
Specimen Accomodation Vertical 248 mm, Horizontal (throat depth) 181 mm
Weight 132 kgs
Mains 100-240 V, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz, autosetting

Rockwell Hardness Tester dimensions


Test stages

The DUROLINE R-Series can be equipped various test tables that fit any application such as samples like small cut samples or large pieces, cylinrical or spherical parts, pipes, large rings, gears and crankshafts. The large sample accommodation capacity of harness testes makes possible to directly test on large samples. The standard clamping nose on the test head can securely fix many different type of samples.

Test Blocks

ISO/DaKKS certificated German made test blocks are optionally available for Indirect verification of tester.


ISO/DaKKS certificated German made Rockwell and Brinell indenters are optionally available for testing any Rockwell/Superficial Rockwell scales and Brinell depth scales up to 250 kgf.

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