Field Metallurgical Replication - Portable Grinder/Polisher & Etcher (PGP)

In various industries such as power plants, petroleum and natural gas pipelines, and metal constructions, in situ metallographic work plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of the components. To conduct this work effectively, it is essential to have portable metallographic instruments that can perform grinding, polishing, and etching procedures on-site without causing any damage to the components. This is particularly important for situations where the components cannot be moved or transported to a laboratory for further analysis. These portable instruments allow for real-time analysis and evaluation of the microstructure and surface quality of the components, which is essential for ensuring their structural integrity and identifying any potential defects or weaknesses.

Kemet Portable Grinder Polisher & Etching

  • Battery pack and motor controller to drive an NSK Evolution Power Polisher (ENK-250T)
  • Separate battery pack and controller improves weight distribution
  • Motor Speed 1000rpm - 25,000rpm, variable in steps
  • Battery life 2 ½ - 5 hours constant use
  • Visual LED bar-graph display of RPM, load indication and battery level
  • Push buttons for increasing / decreasing RPM, an on/off button and a reverse button.
  • Separate battery charger
  • Supplied with 4:1 reduction gear and right angled hand-piece (IC-300)
  • Brushless motor
  • Product code: 339188

There are several advantages associated with in situ metallography and replication techniques. These techniques are portable and can be used on-site, allowing for real-time analysis and evaluation of the microstructure and surface quality of components. This is particularly useful in situations where the components cannot be moved or transported to a laboratory for further analysis. In situ metallography can be used to monitor the quality of purchased components, ensuring that they meet the required standards and specifications. Replication techniques are non-destructive, meaning that replicas can be taken without causing any damage to the original components. Additionally, replicas are ideal for both flat and curved surfaces, allowing for a more comprehensive evaluation of the component's microstructure and surface quality. Finally, these techniques can be applied to a wide variety of materials, making them versatile and widely applicable in various industries.

field metallurgical replication

Testimonial from customer: "We've been using the Kemet PGP for about a year now, and it's an awesome tool. I absolutely prefer the Kemet PGP over competitor's polishing units due to its size, portability, and the fact that I've had the battery fully charged to last up to a week of use in the field. If I can convince my office to buy more, I definitely will."

Portable Grinder Polisher

Consumables included with kit

Disc Holders Code
32mm rubber holders (Pk 3) 340724
32mm Abrasive Discs Code
Grit 80 (Pk 100) 362441
Grit 120 (Pk 100) 362442
Grit 240 (Pk 100) 362443
Grit 400 (Pk 100) 362444
Grit 600 (Pk 100) 362445
Polishing Cloths Code
HS Green (Pk 25) 340722
HS Blue (Pk 25) 340725
MBL (Pk 25) 341889
Polishing Compounds Code
1-OS-C2 (5g) 114006
6-OS-C2 (5g) 114013

Optional extra Grit 1500 (Pk 100) Product code: 363711

Portable Grinder Polisher for replication

made in britain

metallographic replication

metallurgical replication

Cellulose Acetate Replication Sheets

We offer cellulose acetate replication film in 4 thicknesses; 35, 50, 75 and 180 microns. Cellulose acetate is soluble in acetone.

cellulose acetate sheets

Micron Size Dimensions Pack Size Code
35 150 x 100mm 20 343511
50 150 x 100mm 20 343512
50 Tape (38mm x 1.1m) 1 343513
75 150 x 100mm 20 343499
180 150 x 100mm 20 343498

Replicating Media for Metallographic Replication

Replicating Media for Metallographic Replication

The SiliKem compound is used as a replication media, it provides excellent dimensional stability with an accuracy of 0.1μm. A maximum of 3 minutes from mixing to the finished sample. Both Replicating Media and Replicating Tape for metallographic field use create a 3D surface replica for analysis and examination.

  • Non-hazardous substance
  • Does not generate heat during curing
Product Code
SiliKem Resin Cartridge (includes 6 nozzles) 339805
Dispensing Gun 339217
Mixing nozzles 48 pack 339801
12 pack 339804
Nozzle Tips (For use in hard to reach areas) 50 pack 339806
kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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