Electrolytic Polishing and Etching Machine

ELOPREP 102 is a fully automatic electrolytic polishing and etching equipment with independent control unit. Shorter preparing time is needed for electrolytic polishing and etching process compared to traditional mechanical preparation.

Electrolytic Polishing

The eloprep has advanced techniques and software with programmable coloured HMI touch screen controls, increasing the productivity, sample consistency and operator comfort. All speed, etc. can be monitored during the process. The speed of the amount to be pumped is also variable.

A library of 25 different cutting programs with related specimen name or number can be saved with all parameters which can be recalled at any time.

Eloprep 102 has two separate units, the control unit and the polishing unit. Separate polishing and etching unit can be placed away from the control unit and can be installed under a fume extraction system. The electrolyte cartridge is easily exchangeable and inserted into the polishing and etching unit.

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With the scanning function of Eloprep 102, correct voltage of polishing as well as etching can be defined automatically.

The sample is placed on the polishing and etching table where optional masks are available as 0.5 cm2 - 5cm 2. The cooling tube is fixed to the lid and directly lowered into the container. Eloprep 102 has the highest safety standards. The cooling water is automatically switched on as the set temperature is reached. The cooling water is activated with a solenoid valve.

  • Fully automatic electrolytic polishing and etching of metallographic specimens
  • Temperature limiter (C) – 30-50
  • Electrolytic container volume (ml) – 1000ml
  • External etching volume (ml) – 1200ml
  • Pump – Magnetic stirrer
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Automatic scanning function
  • 5.7” HMI touch-screen controls
  • 25 program memory
  • Electrical - 230V-1Ph-50Hz
  • Weights / Dimensions - Cooling unit – 404 x 370 x 305mm / 20kg Polishing unit – 210 x 370 x 305mm / 5kg

Model ELOPREP 102
Temperature limiter, C 30 - 50
Pump Magnetic Stirrer
Electrolytic Container Volume, mL 1000 ml
External Etching Volume, mL 1200 ml
Cooling System Integrated
Mask Dimensions, cm2 0 - 0.5 - 1 - 2 - 5
Scanning Function Automatic
Control Panel HMI TS
Program Memory 25
Output Voltage / Current
Polishing 0-120 V
Etching 0-35 V
External Etching 0-15 V
Power Supply 1x 110/120 V
1 x 230 V
Dimensions, WxDxH, mm
Control Unit 404 x 370 x 305
Polishing Unit 210 x 370 x 305
Weight, kgs
Control Unit 20
Polishing Unit 5

Optional Accessories for Eloprep 102



YM 6904-00 Stainless steel
YM 6937-00 Copper
YM 6936-00 Titanium

External etching unit

External etching unit

46 10 for ELOPREP



46 12 0,5 cm²
46 13 1 cm²
46 14 2cm²
46 15 5cm²
46 16 without aperture
46 17 set of masks

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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