Cold Mounting Resins and Acrylics

The Kemet range of cold mounting resins includes acrylic and epoxy solutions. Cold mounting systems are particularly useful for delicate specimens that will not withstand the heat and pressure from a Hot Mounting press, and are also a good way of producing high volumes of mounted samples since 1 mix can produce many samples.

cold mounting resins

Type Application Cure Time Shrinkage Hardness Colour Mix Ratios Shrinkage Contents Code Resin & Hardener Kit
KEP Epoxy General purpose epoxy with very low shrinkage 10h at 25C Low 75 Shore D Clear 2:1 by weight - 1kg resin - 600410
500g hardener
KEPT Epoxy Porous materials, coatings and electronic components 1kg resin 600411
500g hardener
Acrylic CLB Conductive resin by SEM applications (Conductivity - Good) 30 mins Medium 62 Shore D Black 8:5 by volume Low 1kg resin 600715 600714
1 litre hardener 600716
Acrylic VLST general purpose 10 mins Low 90 Shore D Clear 5:2 by volume Very low 1kg resin 600735 600702
500cc hardener 600736
Acrylic VLB General purpose 10 mins Low 90 Shore D Blue 2:1 by volume Very low 1kg resin 600737 600703
500cc hardener 600738
Acrylic VLK Ideal for hard materials 20 mins Very Low 86 Shore D Blue 2:1 by volume Very low 1kg resin 600693 600691
500ml hardener 600692
Acrylic Yellow Replication of sample surface 10 mins N/A 87 Shore D Yellow 2:1 by volume - 1kg resin 600741 600699
500cc hardener 600742