Advanced High-Volume Grinding and Polishing Solution

FORCIPOL 352 is expertly engineered for the precise grinding and polishing of substantial specimens or accommodating a high volume of specimens within specialised holders. It significantly reduces the overall preparation time for achieving high-throughput sample processing. This versatile system shares compatibility with the FORCIPLAN 352 Planar Grinder, enabling seamless integration to enhance sample throughput. It can effortlessly prepare specimen holders of up to 210 mm in diameter, each accommodating 10 specimens, using 350 mm diameter grinding discs.

  • Double the Sample Throughput: Achieve up to 2X more sample throughput.
  • Ideal for Large and High-Volume Specimens: Tailored for very large specimens or applications requiring a high specimen count.
  • Exceptional Polishing and Planarity: Deliver perfectly polished and planar specimen surfaces.
  • Sturdy Steel Construction: Designed for heavy-duty operations with robust steel construction.
  • Integrated Cleaning and Drying: Prevent contamination with the inclusion of an integrated automatic cleaning and drying station.
  • Enhanced Safety: Ensure safe operation within a fully enclosed working area.

High Volume Grinding and Polishing Solution

FORCIPOL 352 stands as a benchmark in high-volume grinding and polishing, offering twice the sample throughput compared to conventional grinding and polishing machines. This versatile system can accommodate both Ø350 and Ø300 mm grinding/polishing discs, making it compatible with large specimen holders. Its heavy-duty steel construction, coupled with precise vertical drive, guarantees precise control.

Powered by a high-torque 3 kW motor with variable speed between 50 and 750 RPM, it facilitates rapid material removal from specimen surfaces. Additionally, the 350 Watt head motor can rotate in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions with a variable speed between 50 and 200 RPM, ensuring versatility across a wide range of materials and applications.

Safety remains paramount with FORCIPOL 352, offering an entirely enclosed working area and multiple safety circuits to safeguard operators and the machine. The system's advanced techniques and software, coupled with a programmable HMI touch screen interface, enhance productivity, sample consistency, and operator comfort.

Barcode Scanner

An optional Barcode Scanner streamlines the loading of correct parameters for various samples, reducing the risk of loading incorrect programmes due to operator error and enhancing overall efficiency.

Grinding and Polishing Parameters

All preparation parameters are conveniently stored in memory under specific programme numbers, each corresponding to a material-specific name, such as "Cast Iron," "Bronze," "A-Si Alloy," and more. These parameters encompass Force, Wheel speed, Head speed, Rotation direction, and Mode of operation (Time or Removal Rate). The user can simply recall a specific programme and initiate the process by pressing the "Start" button.

Movable Dosing Arm

FORCIPOL 352 features a movable dosing arm that automatically distributes suspension on the Ø350 mm polishing cloth uniformly and evenly dispenses water on the grinding disc during operation, ensuring effective cooling of the sample surface. At the operation's conclusion, the dosing arm retracts to the side, facilitating straightforward changes of grinding/polishing discs.

Automatic Peristaltic Dosing System

The system incorporates an automatic peristaltic dosing system with six peristaltic pumps (five for diamond suspensions/lubricants and one for aluminium oxide suspensions). This setup ensures consistent specimen quality, saves time, and minimises consumables usage. Dispensing parameters, such as frequency and fluid selection, are easily controlled through the FORCIPOL 352's LCD screen.

Fully Automatic Sample Cleaning and Drying Station

FORCIPOL 352 is equipped with a fully automatic sample cleaning and drying station, offering pressurised water cleaning, ethanol cleaning, and fast drying with filtered air. It can be programmed for each grinding/polishing step, eliminating the need to remove the sample holder for cleaning and preventing contamination after each step.

FORCI System Combination

The FORCI System combines the FORCIPLAN 352 Planar Grinder and the FORCIPOL 352 Grinding & Polishing Machine, both utilising Ø350 mm grinding & polishing discs. This combination accommodates up to Ø210 mm sample holders and provides 1.5X to 2X more sample capacity, alongside a 10X faster material removal rate with the FORCIPLAN 352 Planar Grinder.

High Volume Grinding and Polishing

Model FORCIPOL 352
Grinding/Polishing Station Standard
Automatic Sample Cleaning & Drying Station Standard
Automatic Peristaltic Dosing Unit Standard
Grinding/Polishing Motor Power (S1) 3 kW
Grinding/Polishing Disc Speed 50-750 RPM
Grinding/Polishing Disc Rotation Direction CW
Grinding/Polishing Disc Diameter Ø350/300 mm
Grinding/Polishing Disc Cleaning & Drying Automatic
Automatic Head Motor Power 350 Watt
Automatic Head Motor Speed 50-200 RPM
Automatic Head Motor Rotation Direction CW/CCW
Grinding Depth Measurement Standard
Grinding Depth Range 0 - 3 mm
Sample Holder Type Central Force
Sample Holder Diameter Ø210/160 mm
Central Pressure Force 30 - 750 N
Sample Cleaning Pressurised Water + Ethanol
Sample Drying Filtered Pressurised Air Drier
Automatic Peristaltic Dosing Unit Standard with 6 Individual Pumps
Magnetic Stirrers Standard
HMI Touch Screen 7" Coloured Touch Screen
Program Memory 35 Programs
Dimensions, WxDxH 1310x840x1600h mm
Weight 700 kgs
Mains 400 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz.

Advanced High Volume Grinding and Polishing Solution

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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