Silicon Carbide & Alumina Powder - Abrasives for Metallography

Polishing Alumina

For use on most materials in polishing stages.

Alumina Powder

Micron Use Size Code
Gamma 0.04 Superfinishing of soft metals such as copper, lead, aluminium 1kg 600251
Alpha 0.3 Final polishing of copper alloys, nickel, brass, bronze, aluminium 1kg 600252
Alpha 1.0 Fine pre-polishing of all metals 1kg 600253

Aluminium Oxide Powder

For smoothing operations.

Micron Size Code
3 5kg 361607
5 5kg 361618
9.3 5kg 361555
12.8 5kg 361510
17 5kg 361619
22.8 5kg 361554
29 5kg 361620

Alumina Powder

Silicon Carbide Powder

For lapping of Petrographic Material. Available in six grit sizes.

Grit Size Code
180 5kg 361541
220 5kg 361531
320 5kg 361617
400 5kg 361512
600 5kg 361563
1000 5kg 361535

Silicon Carbide Powder

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