Petrographic Thin Section Polishing Machine

Kemet 300LVAC2 Polishing Machine

The Kemet 300LVAC2 Special purpose polishing machine is designed to work alongside the Kemtech III Geological lapping machine for polishing geological mounted samples. The basic machine has a 300mm diameter polishing plate. All drive elements are mounted on a heavy duty aluminium alloy casting, giving vibration free operation and silent running. Water inlet with control valve are standard features. The control panel has a process timer, variable speed control and forward / reverse control switch and its own vacuum pump and connectors to suit Kemet vacuum jigs (not supplied with the machine).

Thin Section Polishing 300LVAC2


  • 300mm diameter plate
  • Vacuum Pump
  • High Torque Motor (1 HP)
  • Variable speed ranges 50 - 600rpm
  • Digital Timer 0 - 99 mins
  • Dimensions 450 x 800 x 400mm
  • Weight 42 Kg
  • Electrical requirements;
    • 230V-1Ph-50Hz (Code - 346039)
    • 110V-1Ph-50Hz (Code - 346039A)


FORCIPOL-TS, when coupled with FORCIMAT-TS, becomes an automatic thin section preparation system. FORCIPOL-TS is a versatile, durable and reliable grinding/polishing machine. FORCIMAT-TS is a low speed automatic head and is mounted on a rigid hardened post which is fixed to the base of the FORCIPOL-TS grinder/polisher. It can be adapted easily and rapidly positioned by means of a quick-locking clamping mechanism.

FORCIPOL-TS can accommodate 300 mm diameter wheels with variable speeds between 50-600 RPM. The modern electronics provide a smooth speed variation with soft start and stop. The working wheel is powered by a high torque 1.0 HP electric motor with both clockwise and counterclockwise wheel rotation possibility. By using appropriate working discs, it can carry grinding, lapping and polishing processes very smoothly. The drive elements are fixed on heavy duty aluminium alloy casting. The wheels are mounted on ball bearings allowing the application of high pressures to prepare even large specimens. Ball bearings used provide quiet and vibration free operation. Water inlet and flexible water outlets with control valves for wet grinding are standard features.

FORCIMAT-TS is driven by a 100 Watt DC motor and adjustable from 25 to 50 RPM speed which provides high torque for big specimens and allows long operation time. Speed of head is specially adjusted for thin section and petrographic sample preparation. The pneumatically applied individual force is adjustable between 5 N (1.1 lb.) and 60 N (13.5 lb.) from the front panel and is displayed on a gauge. The housing is made of ABS with a touchpad front panel.

Automatic Disc Cleaning and drying function can be activated with a single button to obtain perfectly cleaned disc surfaces in seconds. Smart Water Saving feature allows tons of water saving over the years. When needed, FORCIMAT-TS can work in manual mode to allow prepare specimens by hand.

Modern touch pad controls with ergonomic turn knob allows fast and easy setting of parameters and increases productivity. Sample force, wheel speed, sample holder speed, operation time, motor on/off and water on/off functions can be set in seconds. When the start button is pressed, both the FORCIMAT-TS and FORCIPOL-TS start operating simultaneously. Cooling water is automatically activated and deactivated at the beginning and end of operation. The wheel/head speed and operation time are digitally displayed. All parameters can be changed during operation. The last parameter settings are always retained in the memory. Upon completion of the cycle, both instruments stop and an audio signal notifies the operator.

Operation Semi Automatic
Application of Force Individual
Control Panel Touch Pad Controls
Program Memory Last Parameters Retained in Memory
Manual Operation Mode Yes
Head Motor Power 100 W
Sample Holder Rotation Direction CW
Sample Holder Speed 25-50 RPM
Individual Force 5-60 N
Central Force None
Grinding Depth Measurement None
Grinding Depth Measurement Accurracy None
Disc Cleaning & Drying Feature Yes
Smart Water Saving Feature Yes
Compatible Instruments FORCIPOL-TS
Compressed Air Requirement 6 Bars
Dimensions, WxDxH, (cm) 26 x 46 x 54
(above FORCIPOL working disc)
Weight, kgs 16

Petrographic Thin Section Polishing

No. Of Stations 1
Motor Power, HP 1
Disc Speed (rpm) 50-600
Disk Diameter, mm 300
Dimensions, cm 45 x 74 x 34
Weight, kg 40

Specially Designed Thin Section Holders

Specially designed thin sections holders are used for lapping and polishing of thin sections. LAP-TS has special Boron Carbide stops which precisely determine final thickness of specimen on the glass slide. The final thickness of specimens will be between 25 and 35 µm. POL-TS is used for polishing processes to provide smooth surface for microscopic examination.

Thin Section Holders Code
LAP-TS special specimen holder with Boron Carbide stops for lapping of thin sections, Ø 60 mm. 345808
POL-TS special specimen holder for polishing of thin sections, Ø 60 mm. 345287
FORCIMAT specimen mover, 3 x Ø 60 mm (quick release mechanism not available for this specimen holder) 345411
FORCIMAT specimen mover, 6 x Ø 40 mm 345127
Set of insert rings for 30 mm 345128
Set of insert rings for 25 mm 345279
Individual force specimen holder, Ø145mm, for 6 x Ø40 mm specimens (for use with insert rings below) 346018
Set of insert rings for Ø1 1/4" (31mm) 345743
Set of insert rings for Ø1 1/2" (38mm) 345744

Specially Designed Thin Section Holders

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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