Pressure Relief Valve Lapping Kit

Incorrect lapping and or the use of improper equipment is a major contributor to seat leakage, which in turn leads to high emission rates and costs in loss of process.

Kemet have produced a lapping kit that can be used on Tyco, Crosby, and Anderson Greenwood pressure relief valves. The kit consists of:

  • 15 Lapping / Polishing blocks, double sided with Kemet composite (D through T2 orifice sizes)
  • 1 x Applikator of 3 Micron Kemet Diamond Compound.
  • 1 x Applikator of 14 Micron Kemet Diamond Compound.
  • Bramet Silicon Carbide self adhesive papers. Grades 60, 120, 180, 320 Grit.
  • Housed in aluminium case (Weight approx 11.5 Kg).

Contents of Pressure Relief Valve Lapping Kit – Product Code 352900

pressure relief valve lapping kit

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