Mechanical Seal Repair and Refurbishment

Kemet diamond lapping machines and liquid diamond consumables are used in maintenance / service centres to produce flat mechanical seals and valves with a very high surface finish.

The process is well established, repeatable and used worldwide by major multi-national seal and valve manufacturers as well as maintenance departments of oil and gas installations.

Our technology provides optimum flatness and surface finish, faster stock removal, faster polishing process and is cleaner than conventional lapping.

Kemet have been involved in seal and valve work for more than 50 years and have the technical knowledge to process almost any seal material such as:-

  • Carbon
  • Steel
  • Stellite
  • Ceramic
  • Silicon carbide
  • Tungsten carbide.

lapping mechanical seals

Kemet Diamond lapping can be used in the process of manufacturing of mechanical seals and reconditioning / repairing mechanical seals. The technique can also be used with pressure relief valve bodies, pressure relief caps and slide valves.

We sell a wide range of diamond consumables and non diamond abrasives specifically designed for mechanical seal lapping.

We also have a free technical article on the lapping and polishing of mechanical seals.

We also offer individually tailored and practical training courses on how to successfully recondition mechanical seals.

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