Kemox Abrasive Slurry / Slurries

Kemet offer a comprehensive range of suspension treated Abrasive Slurries where the abrasive and carrier are pre-mixed in the correct proportions, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient Lapping Process.

Kemox is a conventional abrasive slurry that has been suspension treated so that the abrasive particles do not settle out into a hard sediment in to bottom of the abrasive tank. Kemox is available in water soluble (Kemox –W) or oil soluble (Kemox-O) formulations in 5 or 20 Litres. Advantages of using Kemox include:

  • No mixing necessary (Pre-Mixed Abrasive)
  • Abrasive slurry concentration is always correct
  • Always ready to use
Environmentally friendly products - Not classified as an atmospheric pollutant as they have zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

made in britain

abrasive slurry

Kemox W - Our Newest Lapping Suspension

New water-based formulations have been developed so that very low Ra and Rz figures can be produced without the need for secondary lapping or polishing processes. Until now it has been almost impossible to achieve a scratch free matt finish when using fine alumina on a Cast Iron lapping plate, but with these new formulations, uniform scratch free matt finishes are easily obtainable.

This is even more of a benefit when pre lapping softer materials that need to be mirror polished. With these Kemox formulations a very fine surface can be generated prior to secondary pad polishing which reduces the polishing time needed, thus reducing any edge roll off and orange peel. Product Codes below for Kemox W, available in 3 and 6 micron.

Before and after using Kemox SF on Aluminium

before polishing with kemox sf

after polishing with kemox sf

Product Size Code Abrasive Slurries Description
Kemox O-960 5 Litre 300101 Oil based abrasive slurries. Finest surface finish on soft components
Kemox O-950 5 Litre 300102 Oil Based. Finer surface finish on soft components
Kemox O-900 5 Litre 300103
Kemox O-800 5 Litre 300104 Oil Based. General aluminium oxide lapping where a scratch free matt lap is required
Kemox O-800S 5 Litre 300112
Kemox O-800 (Fine) 5 Litre 300107
Kemox O-800 FHC 5 Litre 300109
Kemox O-400 5 Litre 300105 Oil Based. Plate conditioning and matt lapping where good stock removal and a matt lap is required
Kemox O-400S 5 Litre 300111
Kemox HSR 5 Litre 300195 Oil Based. Faster stock removal
Kemox W-950 5 Litre 300152 Water based where oil can't be used. Finer surface finish on soft components
Kemox W-800 5 Litre 300143 Water based abrasive slurries
Kemox W-400 5 Litre 300141
Kemox SF 1 Litre 300207 For mirror polishing of aluminium
3.8 Litre 300200
5 Litre 300199
Kemox W (3 micron) 300234 Developed so that very low Ra and Rz figures can be produced without the need for secondary lapping or polishing processes. Water Based
Kemox W (6 micron) 300235
kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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