Polishing Pads for Lapping

Flat polished surfaces can only be produced on many softer materials with the use of polishing pads. These are available to suit most flat lapping machines. Kemet offer the widest range of self-adhesive polishing pads. We can now offer metallic fibre backed polishing pads for use with magnetic polishing systems.

polishing pads for lapping

Synthetic Silk Pads

A range of synthetic silk pads with a durable woven structure that produces flat mirror surfaces on stainless steels, stellite and many other metals. Avaiable in all sizes up to 36" diameter

ASFL Polishing Pad

For optimum flat mirror polishing of many metals. This pad is available with adhesive resistance to oil or water, to suit the polishing abrasive being used.

asfl cloth
Pack of 10 Diameter (mm)
Type 300 380 610 914
ASFL 341111 341112 341113 341140

Chemo Textile Pads

Non woven pads manufactured specially for polishing processes.

Pack of 10 Diameter (mm)
Type 300 380 610 914
Chem H 341784 341865 341786 341866
PSU-M 341010 341011 341035

PSU Polishing Pad

Available in soft, medium and hard. Used with Diamond and Non Diamond abrasives. A good general purpose pad with a relatively long life.

psu-m cloth

CHEM-H Polishing Pad

For use with COL-K polish for chemical mechanical polishing processes, which are required for many specialised materials, such as titanium and cobalt chrome.

chem h cloth

Nap Cloths

Particularly suitable for the softer materials and metals.

Pack of 10 Diameter (mm)
Type 300 380 610 914
MRE 341714 341715 341942
NSH-B 341203 341243 E05504
NLH 341206 341248

MRE Polishing Pad

Synthetic flock sprayed on a flexible waterproof carrier. A more heavy duty pad for use with 6 micron Kemet Diamond Compound and finer.

mre cloth

NSH-B Polishing Pad

A short nap pad with woven backing used for metallographic and some optical polishing operations. Commonly used with Kemet Diamond Compound 3 Micron and finer.

nsh-b cloth

NLH Polishing Pad

A longer and stiffer nap cloth used for some optical polishing operations.

nlh cloth
kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

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