Kemet Lift Off Disc System

Suitable for multistage processing when workshop space is a premium or budget constraints only allow a single machine. Kemet Lapping Plates are available as Lift-Off Discs in 15” and 20” diameter. Discs are supplied mounted on an aluminium backing plate, which locates onto an aluminium drive plate by means of three pegs.

Lift Off Discs can be easily changed and are recommended for light duty work where general flatness and precision finish are required.

lift off disc drive plate

Aluminium drive plate which attaches to lapping machine

adding lift off disc

Kemet Copper Lift-Off Disc attaches to 3 pegs on aluminium drive plate

copper lift off disc

Kemet Copper Lift-Off Disc ready to be used

Description Kemet 15 Kemet 20
Aluminium Drive Plate 361002 362255
Aluminium Lift Off Disc 361001 362290
Kemet Iron Lift Off Disc 351025 E09714
Kemet Copper Lift Off Disc 351121 E09715
Kemet XP Lift Off Disc 351226 E10063
Kemet Tin Lift Off Disc 351314 E10103

Polishing cloths can also be easily attached to Lift Off Disc System