Kemet 300 STA - Automate simple lapping and polishing

The Kemet 300 STA is a special purpose machine featuring a static arm which can be used to automate simple lapping and polishing applications

The basic machine uses a 300mm diameter platen which can be supplied as a plain aluminium lift off disc for use with self adhesive grinding papers, or polishing pads. Magnetic mounting systems are also available.

All drive elements are mounted on a heavy duty aluminium alloy casting, giving vibration free operation, and silent running. The control panel has a process timer, variable speed control from 50 – 600 rpm with forward and reverse control. The machine also includes a water inlet port with an on/off switch, and flow control valve.

The static arm is mounted to a heavy duty shaft which allows up to 220mm height from plate to pin. It includes 2 pressure weights with a combined weight of 0.75Kg. The arm can be used to hold a variety of pieces, including single hot mount specimens and single slide holders for geological thin sections. When combined with an optional 3 jaw chuck, the machine is able to match lap 2 parts together.

Product code: 345460

automate lapping and polishing


  • 300mm diameter plate
  • High- torque motor (1 HP)
  • Variable speed ranges 50-600 rpm
  • Digital Timer 0 – 99 mins
  • Dimensions 420mm x 730mm x 350mm
  • Weight 37 Kg
  • Electrical requirements 220V-1 Phase-50 Hz

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