Double Sided Lapping Machine - Kemtech Twin Lap

The Kemet Twin Lap machine is a small but versatile bench mounted machine ideally suited for small workshops and laboratories for double sided lapping. It comes fully equipped and ready to use and is suitable for lapping components up to 52mm diameter (2”) and up to 10mm thick. In certain circumstances larger components can be accommodated.

double sided lapping machine

The machine is belt driven and built on a fabricated base to minimise noise and vibration. Machine feet eliminate vibration transfer to and from the floor. This design gives the operator a shorter reach to the plate and easy access underneath for maintenance. The main lap plate can rotate both directions, and the work holder will automatically oscillate.

The machine will operate with a free abrasive compound such as silicon carbide, alumina or boron carbide, suspended in a oil or water based vehicle or a Diamond Compound. The compound is fed onto the lap plate from a free-standing system via a peristaltic pump.

As with all lapping machines of the double sided lapping type, we recommend that the lap plates are re-conditioned using conditioning gears on a regular basis. The machine can also be fitted with diamond dispensing equipment and special complementary lap plates.

The machines come fully equipped and ready to run. The controls are housed in a single steel console attached to the base frame at a convenient working height. In all cases the lapping operation is controlled by a multi range adjustable timer or optional DTI mode.

TwinLap 50 for components <50 mm dia x 10mm thick
TwinLap 120 for components <120 mm dia x 10mm thick

Features & Benefits:

  • 125 rpm max plate speed
  • 2 Adjustable motor drives
  • Outer gear speed 0 - 111 rpm 60W DC drive
  • Inner gear speed 0 - 125 rpm 60W DC drive
  • 2 Individually adjustable feed arms
  • Interlocked guarding
  • Abrasive slurry distribution system with reservoir tank
  • Stainless steel 304 wetted parts
  • Heavy duty fabricated steel body
  • Electronic digital timer, 0.1 second to 999 hours
  • 0.3 Litre compound distribution system with Peristaltic pump & Stirrer
  • Operator controls at 24VDC
  • CE compliant
  • Waste tank
TwinLap 50 Technical Details
Height 600mm
Depth 785mm
Width 830mm
Capacity Ø174.45mm (6.8”) lapping plate, solid or serrated. Ø52mm (2”) maximum part diameter
Nett Weight 170kg (includes plate and accessories)
Max Component Mass 20 Kg
Standard Tooling Cast iron, lap plate Grade 300 Ø174.45mm (6.8”) OD x Ø87.3mm (3.43”) ID x 13mm
(0.51”) thick 5mm usable
Electrical supply 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, 110 or 230 volts
Product code 359857