Carbon Seal Lapping Kit

Kemet have developed a portable kit for lapping of carbon seals. The kit consists of a lapped aluminium substrate and 5 superfine abrasive discs. The specially designed discs allow carbon seals to be lapped without the need for any added loose abrasive. This alleviates loose abrasive impregnation into the carbon face.

caron seal lapping kit

The Kemet Carbon Seal Lapping Kit consists of the following:

  • 300mm diameter Kemet Composite Lapping plate
  • Kemet portable case for ease of transport
  • Special polishing discs (Pack 5)
  • Consumables to extend the life of the lapping discs

Product Code: 352565 - Pack of 5 replacement polishing discs - 363337

Lapped Support Plate for Discs: This is a lapped aluminium plate which acts as a substrate for the special abrasive discs.
Abrasive Discs: These are specially designed super fine abrasive discs that should be fixed to the lapped support plate. They are adhesive backed.
Sponge: This should be used in combination with the “Plate Wash” fluid to remove excessive carbon build up on the plate. Too much carbon will reduce the performance of the textured plate.
Plate Wash: This is a pre-mixed aqueous detergent which should be used when cleaning the plate after use.

made in britain

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