Diamond Compound Stick

Kemet offer Diamond Compound Sticks manufactured with Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline Diamond Powder, which is soluble in both oil and water. Available in a 10g twistable container, allows easy application of Diamond Compound to Lapping and Polishing Plates, eliminating the need for spatulas or manual application. Available from 1/10 micron to 60 Micron

Diamond Powder is first checked with our equipment calibrated to National Physical Laboratory standards. This diamond powder must satisfy two important criteria – shape and grading. Our years of experience have established that multi-faceted sphere-cuboid shaped crystals produce the optimum cutting action of the diamond while maintaining a long life. The exceptionally close grading standards developed by us exceed many national standards and guarantee that Kemet Diamond Products are manufactured to the closest tolerances. Microscopic and computer analysis of the diamond powder ensures that it is exactly the correct grading and shape to maximise cutting performance.

diamond compound stick

Micron Size Monocrystalline Polycrystalline
1/10 10g 113187 -
1/4 10g 113188 113200
1 10g 113189 113201
3 10g 113190 113202
6 10g 113191 113203
8 10g 113192 113204
14 10g 113193 113205
25 10g 113194 -
45 10g 113195 -
60 10g 113196 -

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