Deburring Tools

During most machining operations, components become burred, and sharp edges or material compression occurs. This effects the quality of the part and can create issues with assembly and also failure of parts due to break off of material during working life. Removal of burrs is often critical to many of the lapping and polishing processes Kemet develop for customers, to prevent damage to lapping/polishing support materials and extend their life.

Kemet are always monitoring technical developments around the world and Kemet are delighted to be able to now offer a comprehensive deburring solution in the full range of Xebec deburring and polishing products. These cater for either hand use or for in process, CNC / Robotic use, with tailored products for the full range of deburring challenges.

The Xebec Deburring range include special tools for a range of deburring applications. CNC Self-Adjusting Sleeves and Floating Holders, Tools for deburring after face-milling, end milling and drilling; threading and drilling, and also polishing brushes to remove cutter marks on top surfaces, side, inner diameters and channels.

Deburring after face-milling, end-milling and drilling. Cutter mark removal and surface polishing.

Deburring after end-milling, threading, and drilling. Polishing side surface and inner diameter.

Deburring after drilling. Cutter mark removal and inner diameter polishing.

Deburring after drilling.

Hand Deburring Tools

Kemet have been supplying Xebec ceramic and diamond abrasive stones for many years within their precision engineering tooling division. These deburring brushes and cutters offer the same ground-breaking performance now available in the UK from the country’s largest surface finishing solutions company.

Deburring Technical Articles

Burrless Chamfering With Patented V-Shaped Design Using Multi-Blade Technology

XEBEC Burrless Chamfering Cutter TM

Introducing an innovative chamfering tool that revolutionises the machining process by eliminating the generation of burrs and consequently eliminating the need for an additional deburring step. This groundbreaking tool not only saves valuable time but also reduces tool costs, making it a game-changer in the manufacturing industry.

With its unique design, this chamfering tool achieves a finished chamfer without leaving any secondary burrs, eliminating the necessity for a separate deburring process. This breakthrough innovation not only streamlines production cycles but also enhances overall efficiency. Extensive tests and evaluations have demonstrated that this cutter boasts a remarkable tool life, lasting at least twice as long as conventional chamfering cutters. This exceptional longevity significantly reduces tool replacement frequency, resulting in substantial cost savings and increased productivity.

The chamfering tool's multi-blade design enhances its capabilities by enabling high feed rates during operation. This advancement ensures rapid and efficient chamfering, effectively reducing the machining time required. The result is an optimised production process that maximises output while maintaining superior quality standards.

This tool guarantees exceptional positional accuracy. Its flat tip design serves as a protective shield, preventing rounding and chipping that could potentially lead to errors in tool length measurement. By eliminating such errors, manufacturers can achieve precise and consistent chamfer dimensions, ensuring the desired specifications are met consistently throughout the production process.

Burrless Chamfering Cutter

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