Vacuum Solvent Cleaning machines

99% Recovery of material waste, reduction of management costs, high economic benefits, sustainability and innovation

Used mainly with modified alcohols. Benefits of the machines are:

  • Minimal loss of solvent significantly reducing process cost and environmental impact
  • Distillation, separation, and filtration of contaminants allows oils to be reused in machining processes and swarf/particles to be reused or economically disposed of.
  • Uses modified alcohols with a flash point of more than 60°C under vacuum, so machines do not have to be manufactured to ATEX approved rates, reducing build cost.
  • Ethernet connection providing online diagnosis of technical issues and predictive maintenance.
  • Cleans component areas that are hard to reach with Aqueous/HFE solvents, including blind holes and tubes. (Surface tension: Modified alcohols 26.1 mN/m vs Water 72 mN/m).

The latest generation KP modified alcohol washing machines, operate in a complete vacuum treatment cycle in all phases, ensuring excellent cleaning of finished products from wastage and oily substances, without releasing harmful substances into the environment. The systems use a combination of spray, basket rotation, aqueous cleaning, modified alcohols hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons HFE and ultrasounds.

Vacuum Solvent Cleaning machines

All KP products guarantee a drastic reduction in consumption by halving the processing cycles thus obtaining a perfect degree of cleaning thanks to the essential contribution made by the integrated ultrasound system and the use of “universal” washing liquids with low environmental impact. The washing cycle may vary according to the pieces to be treated thanks to the supplied software equipped with a microchip which allows the system to manage multiple loading stations with relative washing and finishing cycles.

The machines allow you to work with all types of materials including AVP, AVZ, PR 80, 16CrNi4, 16Cr- Ni4Pb, 18CrMo5, 42CrMS4, Aluminium 11s, Brass, Stainless steel Aisi 303, ETG 88, ETG 100. In addition to the most common materials, PVC, Teflon, Ergal, as well as other alloys of copper, bronze, and cast-iron steels.

The ideal applications are recommended according to the quantities to be treated, the quantity of contamination, the size of the semi-finished products. Kleen Power Technology is appreciated in the fields of precision mechanics, automotive, heat treatment, oleodynamic components, springs, moulded components, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, components for furniture, medical, dental, cookware, cutlery, and electronics.

Single Chamber Cleaning

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Full vacuum functioning - continuous filtration of washing liquid - continuous distillation continuous monitoring of operation conditions - Easy access for maintenance


Complete stainless steel construction - vacuum holding systems - spraying pumps –Vacuum pumps - Cryogenic abatement system - Chip filter - Double washing liquid tank - Touch screen operating panel - Remote assistance via Internet


Ultrasound transducers (up to five transducers per system, where it is necessary to remove obstinate material, such as polishing paste made more resistant by cooking and drying, in this case, the hot detergent alone is not enough.) - Additional filtrations

Energy Saving & Low Operating Costs

Distillation and the continuous filtration of modified alcohols and hydrocarbons used for washing and for the finishing of metal components that need treatment, with the aid of filters that allow the complete separation of the emulsions from the water with continuous automatic discharge, allows the total recovery of the dried and deodorised metal fillings already in the filter, and the recovery of 99% of the emulsifying oils present in the product that needs treatment.

The reuse of perfectly clean metal scraps and emulsifying oils, both recovered during the washing cycles of the washing machines, are put back in the production chain with remarkable economic advantages for the company and ecological for the environment including the working one, thus corresponding to the virtuous circular economic model.

Manual or Automatic Loading Platforms*

The cleaning machines can be equipped with manual loading platform with roller conveyor which allows coplanar movement that facilitates the manual loading and unloading.

Certain models can be equipped with an automatic tray and lid which allows greater control in the movement of the baskets during the washing cycles. All automation operations connected to the functions of the washing machine, are controlled by the management software specifically programmed by the technical office.

KP.30 Vacuum Solvent Cleaner


The KP.30 is a compact washing machine that guarantees production efficiency with low energy consumption.

The “green technology” that distinguishes the entire KP Kleen Power Line, allows the KP.30 washing machines to fit into a small artisan workshop or space and due to the absence of spills or harmful exhalations, almost no maintenance and its silence are the conditions that make the working environment comfortable, guaranteeing maximum safety for the operator.

Thanks to a Simatic HMI touch panel integrated on the washing machine, all the machine service operations can be carried out: the management of the washing cycles entirely under vacuum, the control functions of the individual components, the remote production control and the maintenance alarm, are all operations carried out by the management software and on request, customised by the technical office.

KP.30 can be equipped with a washing chamber, able to accept an H30 CM basket. Normally the washing chamber is suitable to accept H20 baskets.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP 30 200 x 300 x 150 30 1400 x 1400 x 2000 4 - 6 Manual

Single Chamber Cleaning KP30

KP.EASY Vacuum Solvent Cleaner


Entry level product with advantages that can be summarised as follows:

  • Continuous filtration and distillation of the washing liquid
  • Continuous separation of the emulsion with automatic water drain
  • Complete separation of the oil from the washing liquid, with continuous automatic discharge
  • Continuous recording of operational data
  • Remote connection via the Internet
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance

KP.EASY is equipped with a manual loading platform which can be shifted with a roller conveyor, the manual loading platform allows the management of 2+2 baskets for the discharge of the washed product.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.EASY 50 300 x 450 x 200 50 1600 x 1600 x 2400 3 - 4 Manual
KP.EASY 100 600 x 450 x 200 100 1800 x 1800 x 2600 3 - 4 Manual
KP.EASY 150 900 x 450 x 200 150 2100 x 2400 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.EASY 200 1200 x 450 x 200 200 2300 x 2500 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP200

KP.HMA Vacuum Solvent Cleaner


KP.HMA line is able to meet high production demands and large quantities of contaminants.

Thanks to the treatment cycle with modified alcohol entirely under vacuum up to 1 millibar and the rich standard and optional equipment, the KP.HMA line expresses the maximum that metal finishing technology can express.

KP.HMA washing machine can change its configuration over time thanks to its structural modularity, it can integrate the third tank for specific washing liquids, a group for the application of the protective agent, additional filtration groups and can be integrated with one or more generators with relative ultrasound transducers.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.HMA 50 300 x 450 x 200 50 1800 x 1800 x 2600 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HMA 100 600 x 450 x 200 100 1900 x 2100 x 2800 4 - 8 Manual or Automatic
KP.HMA 150 900 x 450 x 200 150 2150 x 2400 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HMA 200 1200 x 450 x 200 200 2500 x 2400 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP HMA 200

KP.MAX Vacuum Solvent Cleaner


The largest washing machine in the KP KleenPower family, the large washing chamber allows the perfect treatment for very high production volumes or single loads of large dimensions.

The KP.MAX washing machines operate entirely under vacuum and thanks to the rich standard and optional equipment, they satisfy the needs of large productions in a relatively short time.

In addition to the standard versions, IFP Europe develops a “dedicated series” built and shaped so that it can satisfy any problem of high contamination in particularly complex cases in compliance with energy and eco-sustainable standards.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.MAX 400 1200 x 450 x 300 400 2450 x 3300 x 3100 3 - 6 Manual or Automatic
KP.MAX 600 600 x 1000 x 600 600 2450 x 3300 x 3100 3 - 6 Manual or Automatic
KP.MAX 800 800 x 1200 x 800 800 2450 x 3300 x 3100 3 - 6 Manual or Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP MAX 600

KP.HYBRID Vacuum Solvent Cleaner


KP.HYBRID is a special washing machine, thanks to its 3 tanks it can keep in time high productive performance with low management costs.

The entire KP.HYBRID (30 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200) covers all production needs in terms of quality products to be treated, from the small KP.HYBRID 30, compact but very useful in results obtained, the KP.HYBRID 200 the admiral in the IFP Europe house, a large range of washing machines excellent for deeper treatments, recommended for washing, decontamination and drying of components obtained from moulds with the presence of blind holes or metal elements with a strong presence of contaminants.


The peculiarity of KP.HYBRID is to have a double tank modified alcohol and a third for the storage of aqueous detergent solution, this configuration facilitates the routine maintenance phase avoiding machine downtime, which causes obvious economic and operational disadvantages.

The KP.HYBRID version, the combined use of modified alcohol and aqueous detergent solution in a vacuum allows for perfect cleaning of both the organic (fats, oils) and inorganic (emulsions, salts) contaminants.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.HYBRID 30 200 x 300 x 150 30 1400 x 1400 x 2000 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HYBRID 50 300 x 450 x 200 50 2000 x 2000 x 2600 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HYBRID 100 600 x 450 x 200 100 2400 x 2200 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HYBRID 150 900 x 450 x 200 150 2400 x 3000 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HYBRID 200 1200 x 450 x 200 200 2400 x 3000 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP HYBRID 100

KP.HD Vacuum Solvent Cleaner


KD.HD is the best technology for maximum results, safety, efficiency, and economic versatility.

The configuration of the KP.HD washing machine involves the use of components that guarantee high performance in the washing cycles, such as vacuum pumps, the high-performance multi-nozzle spraying system and for those who request it, Ultrasound technology. The right use of this technology allows for obtaining an effective removal of contaminating elements such as water, polishing and lapping pastes, oils, emulsions, particles of various compositions and fingerprints.

The excellent cleaning and decontamination and drying allow obtaining perfectly clean metal surfaces, guaranteeing surprising results in the subsequent processing phases such as galvanization, PDV treatment, powder coating, welding, coating and glueing.

KP.HD proves to be a winner for those who work on very particular and delicate products such as the fashion sector, taps, sintered items, precision turned parts for watches, jewellery and the medical field.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.HD 50 300 x 450 x 270 50 1800 x 2100 x 2700 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HD 100 450 x 600 x 270 100 2300 x 2400 x 2800 4 - 8 Manual or Automatic
KP.HD 150 450 x 900 x 250 150 2300 x 2600 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HD 200 450 x 1200 x 200 200 2300 x 2800 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP HD

kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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