Special Purpose Ultrasonic Baths: Customised Solutions for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a critical process that involves the removal of dirt, debris, and contaminants from various parts and surfaces. It is an essential aspect of manufacturing processes to ensure that the products are of high quality, and the equipment used is operating efficiently. Ultrasonic cleaning systems have proven to be effective in providing a deep and thorough cleaning of industrial parts, and Kemet, a leading manufacturer of precision lapping and polishing equipment, offers a range of special purpose ultrasonic baths designed to meet specific cleaning requirements.

Customised Cleaning Systems for Specific Applications

Kemet's range of special purpose ultrasonic baths is designed to cater to the specific cleaning needs of various industrial applications. These systems are available in different models, from simple single cleaners to multi-stage, automatic cleaning systems, making them suitable for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics.

One of the significant advantages of Kemet's ultrasonic cleaning systems is their flexibility in catering to specific dimensions. These baths can be designed to fit a special size and shape within a standard program, making them both flexible and affordable solutions. Additionally, Kemet can provide custom-built industrial cleaning machines for the production cleaning of practically any shape of metal parts, including tubes and metal strips.

Kemet's special purpose ultrasonic baths are designed to offer high production capacity while ensuring operator safety. The systems are characterised by a completely stainless steel construction and full encapsulation to ensure operator safety and a better working environment. The basket transporters can handle loads of up to 1000 kg, making them suitable for heavy objects.

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Furthermore, Kemet's ultrasonic cleaning systems can handle aggressive chemicals, ensuring good operator safety, and are equipped with automation, drying, fluid handling, and other options. The company's technical representatives can advise on Kemet's range and tailor automated cleaning systems, including factory acceptance testing, commissioning, and training.

Kemet's own chemists offer advice on the extensive range of concentrated detergents available for use with their ultrasonic cleaning systems. The company also provides testing and demonstration either on-site or at Kemet's facilities and cleaning specialist servicing contracts.

Industrial cleaning is a critical process that ensures the quality of products and the efficient operation of equipment. Kemet's range of special purpose ultrasonic baths offers customised solutions to meet specific cleaning requirements. The systems are designed to handle heavy objects, offer good operator safety, and can handle aggressive chemicals. The flexibility in dimensions and models, coupled with Kemet's own chemists' advice, ensures that customers get the best cleaning results for their specific applications.

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