Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids - Solutions For Ultrasonic Cleaners

Kemet offer the finest in biodegradable cleaning fluids. These are specialist formulated concentrated detergents available in neutral, alkaline and acid types. The detergents work in two ways: It reduces surface tension and intensifies ultrasonic cavitation & Dissolves and binds the dirt which has been loosened by the ultrasonics.

Disclaimer: Kemet recommend that any cleaning fluid should be tested on a sample of the component to be cleaned to ensure it does not damage the material and offer free trials to establish the optimum process.

With more than 400 high performance formulations providing a solution to most cleaning challenges.

  • Free consultations and trials to adapt formulations to specific requirements and optimise cleaning processes.
  • Environmentally aware process development to offer ecological solutions.
  • Physiochemical and physical wastewater treatment systems to comply with environmental legislation.
  • Compatible with Kemet range of ultrasonic cleaners.

For advice on which cleaning solution to use contact our cleaning experts. For examples of previous case studies of specific applications, click here.

ultrasonic cleaning fluid

Common contaminants that we deal with

Parts we have cleaned for industries

NGL Cleaning Fluids
Type Package Size Product Code Alkaline or Acid PH approx Dilution % Suggested Temp °C Suggested Suggested Use Comments
ALLSTRIP 1 Litre 363180 N/A N/A 100% 20 to 50°C For removing glues, polishes, waxes, dyes and monomer residues on ophthalmic and precision glasses and metals Universal NEP-FREE solvent used in ultrasonic processes
5 Litre 363167
25 Litre 363168
Decoclean 440 25 Litre 362945 Alkaline 13 1 - 3% 50 - 80°C Heavy contamination on Ferrous metals only. Ultrasonic or Spray Do not use on Non-ferrous metals. Rinse well.
Decomet 10 Litre 363154 Slightly acidic 2.4 4 - 20% 20 - 70°C For finishing and decontamination after cleaning Ideally suited to the medical Industry
25 Litre 363155
Galvex SU 737 5 Litre 362988 Alkaline 8 3 - 5% 50 - 75°C Universal, neutral for all metals, Watch parts, etc. Removes polishing compounds, good in hard /soft water
25 Litre 362989
Galvex SU 747 5 Litre 362938 Alkaline 10 1 - 3% 50 - 80°C Slightly stronger version of 737. IE: Watch cases, straps etc. S.Steel & Gold Removes polishing compounds, good in hard /soft water
25 Litre 362939
Galvex 17:30 25 Litre 362940 Alkaline 10 1 - 2% 50 - 80°C General purpose on all Metals. Cleaning prior to plating /coating Removes oil & polishing componds and general contamination
200 Litre 362941
Galvex 17:30N 25 Litre 362942 Alkaline 10 3 - 5% 50 - 80°C Suitable for most metals but test first. Adds corrosion protection to steels Removes oil & polishing componds and general contamination
Galvex 18:01 25 Litre 362944 Alkaline 9.5 3 - 5% 50 - 75°C General purpose on all Metals. Also on Plastic machine cases Removes polishing componds and general contamination. Free Rinsing.
Galvex 18.07 10 Litre 363143 Alkaline 9.2 0.2 - 3% 40 - 70°C Primarily for light oil removal on sensitive metals. Phosphate free and contains built in inhibitors for short term protection Also provides anti-static effect. Excellent finishing properties.
25 Litre 363144
Galvex 20.01 10 Litre 363145 Slightly Alkaline 8.7 1 - 5% 50 - 70°C For the effective removal of polishing compounds and light oil Ideally suited to the medical industry
25 Litre 363146
200 Litre 363147
Korrostop 5000 5 Litre 363150 Alkaline 11.1 0.02 - 1% 20 - 30°C Anti-corrosion protection for steel Consult our technical department for specific advice
25 Litre 363151
Korrostop 6500 5 Litre 363152 N/A N/A 3 - 10% 20 - 60°C Anti-corrosion protection for ferrous and copper alloys Consult our technical department for specific advice
10 Litre 363153
Nanoclean Super 10 Litre 363148 Alkaline 12.6 3 - 20% 40 - 60°C Mould cleaning, carbon removal, Steels, Ceramics / Glass Powerful detergent. Will etch or attack non-ferrous materials. Steel may discolour at high temperature
25 Litre 363149
Rodacleen Supra 25 Litre 363010 Alkaline 12.5 3 - 5% 60 - 70°C Surface preparation on: Ceramics, titanium, steel HSS & hard metal prior to P.V.D. Removes grinding & lapping paste. Might need Rodastel 30 to neutralise and assist rinsing.
Rodaweg 25 Litre 363007 Alkaline 12.7 2 - 4% 30 - 75°C Metal surfaces prior to Vacuum Coating. Can be used at 30° C Removes oil & polishing componds from steel & hard surfaces
Rodastel 30 25 Litre 362947 Acidic 2 3 - 5% Ambient to 60°C Deoxidation, neutralise prior to Vacuum Metallisation. Low acidic not classed as hazardous. Will shine copper alloys
Solvit 3 25 Litre 362946 Acidic 2 3 - 10% Ultrasonic 10-30% Dip Ambient to 45°C Oxide, oils, carbon and polishing compounds from all metals. Strong acidic action. Rinse well or, neutralise after use.
Type Package Size Product Code Alkaline or Acid PH approx Dilution % Suggested Temp °C Suggested Inhibitor Suggested Use Comments
A9 5 Kg 360477 Light Alkaline 9.5 3-15%, Suggest 10% 40-60°C Yes, short duration @ 1-3% Nearly neutral to suit all materials Temperature above 40°C can change the colour of non-ferrous materials
20 Kg 360478
210 Kg 360479
A 1 Litre 362194 Alkaline 13 15% 40-65°C General Purpose and all Steels Can lightly etch non-ferrous
5 Litre 362189
20 Litre 362196
O2 5 Kg 360920 Alkaline 13 5-25%, Suggest 10% 40-75°C General purpose and all Steels (suitable for spray wash 1-5% dilution) Low foam detergent. Most lightly etch some non-ferrous materials
20 Kg 360921
210 Kg 360922
H14 5 Kg 360474 Strong Alkaline 14 3-30%, Suggest 15% 60-85°C85°C optimum Mould cleaning, carbon removal, Steels, Ceramics / Glass Powerful detergent. Will etch or attack non-ferrous materials. Steel may discolour at high temperature
20 Kg 360475
210 Kg 360476
N 1 Litre 360404 Neutral 7 15% 40-60°C Neutral to suit all materials including plastics Temperatures above 40°C can change the colour of materials, water marks possible
5 Litre 360955
20 Litre 360984
S8 5 Litre 362499 Very Light Alkaline 8 3-5% 50-75°C Yes, short duration @ 1-3% Virtually neutral to suit all metals Highly concentrated. Good for removing wax based compounds at approx 70°C (Same as Galvex SU737)
25 Litre 361926
ACA 1 Kg 361470 Very Light Alkaline 10 0.5-3% Ambient to 40°C Yes, Main Purpose Inhibitor in rinse to prevent corrosion Stops corrosion on ferrous metals
25 Kg 361469
S3 5 Litre 361441 Very Mild Acid 2.5 10-15% 40-70°C Tarnish, light corrosion of most materials. Brightens jewellery and coins Protect ferrous materials after cleaning. Not suitable for some plated metals
25 Litre 361283
I 5 Kg 360480 Acid 1 5-10%, Start at 5% 25-60°CStart 25°C Rust and oxide removal on all materials. Restore white ceramics Will etch all materials and brighten some non-ferrous. Cold rinse, dry immediately. Protect ferrous
20 Kg 360481
210 Kg 360482
M99 20 Kg 360486 - - 100% (Flash Point 97°C) <75°C Yes Dewatering. Removes water moisture, provides corrosion protection Dewatering fluid for moulds / parts going into storage. Immerse / drain over tank
C160 25 Litre E05615 - - 100% (Flash Point 158°C) <120°C Removing waxes, grease, polishes, lap compounds High temp solvent. Use heated dip tanks. Ultrasonics can be rinsed with aqueous

Other Cleaning Solutions

CO-42 Cleaning solution

A cleaning and degreasing fluid with many of the performance characteristics of 1.1.1 Trichloroethane, but without the ozone depleting properties.

CO-42 cuts through contamination such as lapping and polishing residue, grease, oils and general surface contamination.

CO-42 is relatively quick drying, but not so fast as to leave dried staining on the surfaces of products. The controlled wetting and evaporation properties of CO-42 make it extremely versatile and efficient.

Able to act as an extremely efficient cleaning agent for all metals, most plastics, ceramics, glass and similar materials.

Size Container Code
450ml Trigger Spray 302103
5 Litres Metal 302102
25 Litres Metal 302101
200 Litres Metal 302105

C70 Cleaning solution

Kemet C70 is a solvent cleaning and degreasing fluid with all of the characteristics needed to remove grease, oil and residues from parts. It is supplied in a pressurised container complete with detachable extended spray tube for reaching into the most difficult areas.

  • Highly efficient degreasing solvent
  • Very fast evaporation rate
  • No staining
  • Instantly removes lapping and polishing residue
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile and can be used on all metals, ceramics etc. (Always test small area first)
  • Contains no ozone depleting substances
Size Container Code
500ml Aerosol 302114
500ml Aerosols (Pk 12) 302115
C70 cleaning solution

Cleaning Test Centre

At our dedicated cleaning test centre in Maidstone, we have the latest demonstration and test facilities to develop cleaning processes tailor made to the customer's requirements. We are able to undertake free of charge cleaning trials using a large variety of ultrasonic cleaners.

For further details on our ultrasonic cleaning trials or mould cleaning trials, please contact our Ultrasonic Cleaning Manager or call 01622 755287

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