Submersible Ultrasonic Transducers

As well as supplying complete ultrasonic cleaning systems, Kemet also supply Submersible Ultrasonic Transducers for retrofitting into customers' existing cleaning tanks and installing into new large Industrial cleaning systems. Our range of Submersible Transducers are designed for use in heavy industrial applications where performance and reliability are vital.

submersible ultrasonic transducers

If you have a requirement for an ultrasonic cleaning system but already have a suitable tank, we will assess your requirements and specify and assemble a complete package tailored to your exact needs. We can provide Submersible Transducers which add ultrasonic technology to tanks of any size, providing you with the optimum system for your specific cleaning application.

  • Sandwich type piezoceramic transducer elements
  • Standard box material AISI 316L, special materials available
  • Transducer bonding with additional limited guarantee
  • Extensive range of standard sizes
  • Fixing through tank wall or over the tank edge
  • Optional mounting racks for easy installation

Main applications for submersible ultrasonic transducers

  • Cleaning tanks in surface treatment lines
  • Cleaning lines for special purposes, e.g. food industry
  • Integrated cleaning systems in industrial processing equipment

Special applications for submersible ultrasonic transducers

  • Transducer bonding directly on customers tanks
  • Plate, tubular, custom shape transducers
  • 20 kHz low erosion technology for systems with extensive operating hour requirements.

submersible ultrasonic transducers example

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