Liquid Penetrant Testing (Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - FPI)

FinnSonic FPI (Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection) systems offer the perfect NDT solution for inspection during both manufacturing and maintenance of most aircraft engine parts. Process control ensures repeatability, process safety and traceability, of each batch within the set parameters. The flexibility of combining automated and manual operation provides streamlined, maintainable NDT inspection, integrated waste water handling and extraction systems to create cost savings on process chemicals, labour and energy consumption.

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - FPI

FPI solution concepts

Manual roll track spray line

  • Ideal for inspection of wheel and brake parts
  • Flexible with a small footprint
  • Optional dip or electrostatic spray methods

Roll conveyor immersion line

  • Automated high capacity system for mass production
  • Penetrant application by dipping
  • “Dust Storm” type developer chamber

Manual chain hoist line

  • Higher throughput with minimum foot print
  • Double FPI line for turbofan MRO

Booth line

  • A manual monorail system
  • Inspection of large parts such as aero-structures

Automated line

  • Integrated process with pre and post wash
  • Automated process control and material handling
  • Batch traceability via data log

Key features and benefits

  • Intelligent combination of automation and manual handling provides labour cost savings
  • Traceable and reliable inspection
  • Adjustable layout provides small footprint
  • Low consumption of process chemicals
  • Low operational costs
  • Durable and safe
  • Ergonomic/User-friendly

Optional features include

  • Fully automated penetrant and developer spray
  • Basket rotation
  • Upgraded ventilation systems
  • Integrated Pre-cleaning and cleaning after FPI processes
  • Basket trolleys and automatic loading/unloading conveyors

Main applications

  • Engine parts
  • Aerostructures
  • Wheel hubs
  • Brake parts
  • Landing gear
  • Automotive parts