Kemet Lapping Services in the Netherlands & Europe

Kemet Europe B.V. in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands have a special department for flat lapping and flat polishing of components for third parties. With this service they focus on companies who have high surface finish requirements, without having the necessary equipment to their disposal.

netherlands lapping services

The Dutch lapping room covers a variety of Kemet flat lapping machines to process components with different dimensions. Model 15E (lapping plate Ø 380 mm) is available for smaller pieces. The lapping process of bigger workpieces is done on a 24E machine (lapping plate Ø 610 mm) and a 36E machine (lapping plate Ø 915 mm).

Different workpieces can be lapped such as (air-tight) seals, die casting moulds, high quality valves, motor and pump parts, flanges, components in car-, aviation- and medical industrie etc. Besides the well known steels, processing of materials such as ceramic, ferrite, hastelloy, stellite, inconel and composite materials is also possible.

Advantages of flat lapping

  • Better bearing and slide properties of the components
  • Positive effect on lubrication and wear of parts
  • Better sealing or clamping of two collaborating parts
  • Better binding of protective layers or glued joints
  • Longer tool life of cutting-, scraping- and stamping tools

Depending on the material to be lapped, Kemet Europe B.V. lap workpieces to a flatness of 1 light band (0.3 μm) and a roughness of 0.025 µm Ra or even lower. The results are measured with high precision measuring equipment.

Free Trial

Due to an extended assortment of lapping and polishing plates, polishing cloths, Kemet liquid diamond, lapping compounds and powders etc. and their knowhow and experience, Kemet Europe B.V. offers for almost every lapping and polishing process a solution. They would be pleased to invite you to their lapping room to do free trials with your test pieces.

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