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It is the policy of our company that the directors shall be committed to a continual improvement of its environmental performance, and shall comply with all the relevant regulatory and statutory legislative requirements in particular the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The management undertakes that this policy, having been initiated, will be developed, reviewed and actively supported at the highest level and will be consistent with the other company policies.

The management also undertakes that the Environmental Policy will remain relevant to all company activities, products and services, and their environmental effects, and that it will be made, understood, and implemented at all levels within the company.

The aims of the Environmental Policy will be achieved by the implementation and maintaining of appropriate effective two-way communication and training to all personnel on environmental matters.


The overall responsibility for the implementation of the company Environmental Policy is that of Management, who are to actively encourage environmental awareness by all company personnel, and to Initiate action to prevent or reduce any environmentally harmful products or methods from being used.


The Aim of the company Environmental Policy is to prevent, or reduce to an acceptable level, any Environmental harm caused by the company through use of products, materials, process methods or working practices which are environmentally unfriendly.

All staff will be encouraged to participate in environmental initiatives and are to be made aware of:

  • The importance of compliance with the environmental policy and objectives;
  • The potential environmental effects of their work activities and the environmental benefits of improved performance;
  • Their roles and responsibilities achieving compliance with the environmental policy and objectives;
  • The potential consequence of departure from the agreed procedures

All personnel will be made aware of the requirements of knowledge of good working practice to: -

  • Use products from sustainable forests only
  • Reduce waste production
  • Reduce energy use
  • Observe improvement notices
  • Observe discharge consents and regulations (atmospheric or waste drainage)
  • Control fumes, waste etc produced by their actions.
  • Prevent containment loss of bulk liquid storage vessels.
  • Contain, control, clean and report loss of containment.

Staff suggestions and/or ideas to improve environmental performance are encouraged.

This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Company Health & Safety Policy regarding the environmental aspects of Waste Disposal.

The primary aims of this policy is to encourage the use of sustainable timber products, the recycling of waste, the reduction of organic waste dumping and ensuring that no pollutants enter the ground or water course as a result of our processes which, at the same time as being environmentally friendly and beneficial, will be financially advantageous to the company.


Kemet management will monitor the effects of our stated environmental policy by means of questions during talks, training and the number of incidents potentially dangerous to the environment (e.g., spillages by waste outlets).

All sub-contractors working on any site under the control of this company will be expected to observe this policy and operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

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