Polishing Stainless Steel Moulds

  1. Stone out the hardest and worst of the EDM burn with a Gesswein EDM 320 grit stone.
  2. Finish stoning out the pits with a Gesswein OT 400 stone.
  3. Cross stone the OT 400 grit with a Gesswein MF 600 Grit stone. If the steel you are working on has a ground finish you can probably skip the first two steps and start with the MF 600 Grit stone.
  4. Cross with 600 Grit wet / dry paper. In some instances you can then use 1,200 Grit wet / dry paper.
  5. Using Rotary Felt Bobs or Cup Brushes with Kemet Diamond Compound 6-KD-C2, polish the surface avoiding excessive speed and temperatures
  6. Hand rub with a Felt Bob or Felt Rectangular Kemet Diamond Compound 6-KD-C2 in one direction
  7. Check for scratches. Go back to the fine Wet / Dry paper stage (step 4: 1,200 Grit). If the scratches will not polish out with the Kemet Diamond Compound 6-KD-C2, severe scratches will have to be stoned out using soft 600 Grit stones or finer.
  8. Same as step 6 but using Kemet Diamond Compound 3-KD-C2.
  9. Clean with Kemet cleaning fluid, CO-42.

Note: It is important to keep cross contamination between different Diamond Compounds to a minimum with thorough cleaning between Diamond Compound grades. Also avoid high speeds which produce high temperatures especially with the felt bobs.

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