Kemet Provides Bright Future For Medical Implant Makers

Operating at the forefront of orthopaedic implant polishing technology for over 15 years, Kemet International Ltd has transformed the quality and cost of manufacture of tibial tray and hip heads/cups.

medical implant makers

Once commonly finished by hand, today most of the top implant manufacturers rely in some way on Kemet’s automated polishing expertise. For example, just two operatives process 240 trays every 12 hours using Kemet’s largest tibial polishing system. Based on a Kemet 36 machine, the system incorporates all in-process cleaning and generates a perfectly flat, highly polished, blemish free tibial surface. Kemet also supply bespoke tooling and consumables for cone polishing to suit any tray design.

Predicted to be worth almost $40 billion by the end of 2018, the medical implant market has seen significant growth in the last 5 years. This growth has brought pressure from hospitals to reduce the cost of implants and producers have looked for support from their suppliers to achieve savings.

With tibial tray and hip manufacture, the majority of production costs are for process consumables and, as a manufacturer of these, Kemet are ideally placed to help reduce them.

Perhaps more importantly, however, Kemet’s expertise in surface finishing enables them to develop new processes and consumables, aimed at increasing productivity and reducing the cost per part. The improvements to the process can far exceed the cost attached to introducing new consumables, be it less rework, faster throughput or even lower consumption.

Kemet understand the special requirements of the medical industry, in particular the lengthy validation procedures, and offer free testing and reporting to ensure a process offers definite cost benefits before undergoing these.

Contact Kemet on +44 (0) 1622 755287 / to see if they can help you generate a brighter finish for a brighter future with your medical implants.