Kemet Develops New Diamond Slurry for Polishing Carbon and Carbide Seals

In the world of mechanical seal manufacture and refurbishment the best process for polishing Carbon, Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide seal faces has been a much considered subject.

There are two main schools of thought, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. The modern solution, using a Kemet Copper or XP composite plate with 3 micron diamond slurry, has proven to be successful when lapping/polishing high volumes of the same parts. For smaller quantities, however, traditionalists still prefer a cast iron lapping plate with a very small amount of 3 micron diamond slurry. This latter process can be tricky to master and requires near perfect conditions to work consistently; a highly polished cast iron plate and a slurry formulation that dries out after a very short run time, leaving only diamond abrasive particles to finish the polishing. If the slurry doesn’t dry correctly components can be left with a scratched and uneven surface finish

The key to good results, therefore, depends almost entirely on the slurry composition and Kemet’s new Dia-Carb slurry has been developed to take the uncertainty out of this process. Dia-Carb offers just the right amount of “wetting” of the cast iron plate, enabling the required “polish” to be achieved on these materials in much shorter process times - perfectly polished mechanical seal faces every time.

Although this is not a method for high manufacturing volumes, specialist seals that require a special plate shape can now be easily processed to high visual reflectivity, first time, every time. If you need advice on polishing carbon or carbide mechanical seal faces, or if you would like your current process assessed completely free of charge with no obligation, contact Kemet International.

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