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Surface Finishing QuartzBy: Kemet 29th September 2023

Surface Finishing Quartz

Lapping and polishing are the best surface finishing techniques for achieving the desired surface finish on quartz...

Gate Valve Wedge Maintenance or RepairBy: Kemet 14th September 2023

Gate Valve Wedge Maintenance or Repair

Grinding of a Gate Valve Wedge...

Surface PolishingBy: Kemet 30th August 2023

Surface Polishing

Surface polishing plays a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and functionality of numerous mechanical components and devices.

Gate Valve Seat Maintenance or RepairBy: Kemet 15th August 2023

Gate Valve Seat Maintenance or Repair

Grinding of a Gate Valve Seat...

Globe Valve Maintenance or RepairBy: Kemet 31st July 2023

Globe Valve Maintenance or Repair

Grinding of a Globe Valve with Flat Seat...

Surface Finishing ValvesBy: Kemet 9th June 2023

Surface Finishing Valves

Surface finishing of valves is an essential step in valve manufacturing that plays a critical role in ensuring proper sealing and optimal performance...

Polishing Steel AlloysBy: Kemet 2nd June 2023

Polishing Steel Alloys

To perform lapping and polishing on a steel alloy spherical cap, several pieces of equipment are needed...

Lapping in EngineeringBy: Kemet 26th May 2023

Lapping in Engineering – Why it’s required and how it works

The huge demands needed today by manufacturing engineers for machine parts and tools necessitate extremely accurate machining.

Hydraulic Piston Pump Maintenance Repair or ServicingBy: Kemet 5th May 2023

Hydraulic & Piston Pump Maintenance, Repair or Servicing

One common method used to improve the efficiency and performance of hydraulic pumps is lapping...

Lapping Hard MaterialsBy: Kemet 28th April 2023

Lapping Hard Materials

Lapping is particularly useful for hard materials such as ceramics, glass, and metals, which are difficult to machine using conventional methods.

Surface Finishing Injection MouldingBy: Kemet 21st April 2023

Surface Finishing Injection Moulding

Surface finishing is a crucial aspect of injection moulding as it directly affects the final product's appearance, functionality, and durability.

Industrial Gate Valve Maintenance for Oil and Gas IndustryBy: Kemet 31st March 2023

Industrial Gate Valve Maintenance for Oil and Gas Industry

Recently, Kemet successfully completed the installation of gate valve maintenance equipment for a leading oil and gas company, along with...

Factors to consider during the Lapping ProcessBy: Kemet 24th March 2023

Factors to consider during the Lapping Process

This article will give you some general points that will help you in the lapping process to achieve your desired surface finish

What is a Lapping Machine and how does it workBy: Kemet 17th March 2023

What is a Lapping Machine and how does it work

A lapping machine is a specialised machine used for generating very fine surface finishes on a workpiece. It is used in a variety of industries, including...

Superfinishing OperationsBy: Kemet 3rd March 2023

Superfinishing Operations: Challenges and Innovations

The demand for high-quality finished surfaces has been increasing across various industries, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and medical sectors.

Lapping CPU Heat sink or GPU die/coreBy: Kemet 17th February 2023

Lapping CPU, Heat sink or GPU die/core

In some cases, lapping a CPU can result in improved thermal performance, and a lower operating temperature...

Is it possible to make something perfectly flat?By: Kemet 10th February 2023

Is it possible to make something perfectly flat?

Achieving perfect flatness in engineering and manufacturing is a critical aspect, as it ensures the accuracy of...

Lapping Differences: Grinding, Polishing, Honing, Stropping and SandingBy: Kemet 26th January 2023

Lapping Differences: Grinding, Polishing, Honing, Stropping and Sanding

When it comes to achieving a smooth and shiny surface finish, there are several techniques that can be employed...

Surface Finishing Cobalt ChromeBy: Kemet 19th January 2023

Surface Finishing Cobalt Chrome

Kemet has worked with some of the largest manufacturers for many years, in which they need to finish cobalt chrome parts to the highest flatness and surface finish specifications....

Industrial Valve Seat Repair and MaintenanceBy: Kemet 4th January 2023

Industrial Valve Seat Repair and Maintenance

These Valve Seat Lapping processes are well established, repeatable and used worldwide by major multi-national seal and valve manufacturers...

Surface Finishing Tungsten CarbideBy: Kemet 19th December 2022

Surface Finishing Tungsten Carbide

Technical article for surface finishing Tungsten Carbide

Industrial Valves Servicing and MaintenanceBy: Kemet 2nd November 2022

Industrial Valves - Servicing & Maintenance

Kemet International have been helping companies reduce their costs is the overhaul and repair of mechanical seals within pumps and valves...

Surface Finishing CeramicBy: Kemet 17th November 2022

Surface Finishing Ceramic

Kemet have worked with some of the largest manufacturers of ceramic components and OEM’s for many years...

Motorsport Surface Engineering and FinishingBy: Kemet 3rd Oct 2022

Motorsport Surface Engineering and Finishing

Components such as spray nozzles, injectors, hydraulic pumps and impellers all require a high-degree finishing process like lapping for a smooth workflow...

Orthopaedic Implant Engineering & Surface FinishingBy: Kemet 15th Sept 2022

Orthopaedic Implant Engineering & Surface Finishing

Surface finishing techniques play a vital role in the development of both medical devices and orthopaedic implants...

Photonics and Optical Components Surface FinishingBy: Kemet 2nd Sept 2022

Photonics and Optical Components Surface Finishing

Photonics plays a major role in the development of modern technology including smart electronic devices, industrial-level machines, faster communication through fibre optics and...

Advanced Materials and Surface Finishing ProcessesBy: Kemet 9th August 2022

Advanced Materials and Surface Finishing Processes

To improve the designing and manufacturing process of devices for advanced applications, there is a need for improved properties in materials...

Surface Finishing AluminiumBy: Kemet 1st Feb 2022

Surface Finishing Aluminium

Technical article for surface finishing Aluminium

Lapping and Polishing Resin SquaresBy: Kemet 15th Dec 2021

Lapping and Polishing Resin Squares

Technical article for Lapping and Polishing resin squares

Surface Finishing Carbon SteelBy: Kemet 14th Sept 2021

Surface Finishing Carbon Steel

Technical article for surface finishing Carbon Steel

Surface Finishing Stainless SteelBy: Kemet 12th August 2021

Surface Finishing Stainless Steel

Lapping and Polishing Stainless Steel - Case Studies

Surface finishing titaniumBy: Kemet 22nd July 2021

Surface Finishing Titanium

Lapping and Polishing Titanium - Case Studies

Surface Finishing Technologies, Process Types and MethodsBy: Kemet 8th July 2021

Surface Finishing Technologies, Process Types and Methods

There are many surface finishing technologies and methods that you can use to finish your parts, each method produces a different surface finish and flatness.

Removing pattern from GlassBy: Kemet 18th June 2021

Removing pattern from Glass with Lapping and Polishing

Lapping flat a raised patterned square of glass and polish to full transparency - Case Study

Surface Finishing Process for Jewellery ApplicationsBy: Kemet 4th June 2021

Surface Finishing Process for Jewellery Applications

Many jewellery products are lapped and polished using Kemet Systems, the most common applications are when brass is used as the base material.

What is LappingBy: Kemet 24th Feb 2021

What is Lapping?

The principle of lapping is simple and based on the cutting power of either a free abrasive grain in a carrier or a fixed abrasive particle within a composite lapping plate matrix.

Superfinishing with Kemet’s new PR3 CompositeBy: Kemet 28th Sept 2020

Superfinishing with Kemet’s new PR3 Composite

It’s long been common to impregnate the carbon in order to reduce porosity, but with new types of assemblies that require more complex carbon composites...

Kemet Master the Art of Mirror Polishing CarbonBy: Kemet 20th June 2019

Kemet Master the Art of Mirror Polishing Carbon

It’s long been common to impregnate the carbon in order to reduce porosity, but with new types of assemblies that require more complex carbon composites...

polishing ceramic coatingsBy: Kemet 10th May 2019

Polishing Ceramic Coatings & White Alumina Ceramics

Advanced technical ceramic materials have transformed the world we live in to the point where we don’t even notice we are encountering them...

lapping aluminiumBy: Kemet 15th December 2017

Lapping Aluminium

Case study on lapping aluminium

polishing diesBy: Kemet 6th September 2017

Lapping & Polishing Punch Dies

Case study on producing mirror finish to punch dies

improve lapping machineBy: Kemet 7th June 2017

Improve Your Lapping Machine With New Modifications - Cut Your Lapping Costs

Bring your Lapping Machine back to its full potential...

Aluminium Mirror FinishBy: Kemet 23rd May 2017

Aluminium Mirror Finish No Longer a Challenge

Kemet International launched their new Kemox SF slurry only 3 months ago and it has already been found to be the perfect solution for...

lapping shimsBy: Kemet 5th April 2017

Process for Lapping Shims

Case studies on lapping shims.

lapping problem solvingBy: Kemet 7th February 2017

Lapping Problem Solving

We can help with any lapping problems you have. View this article for basic problems and solutions...

lapping machine checkBy: Kemet 24th January 2016

Free Lapping Machine Health Check & Process Optimisation

Free lapping machine health check and lapping process optimisation visit to make sure you are getting the best possible performance and results...

gear lappingBy: Kemet 13th December 2016

Gear Lapping

Gear faces and aerospace fuel and hydraulic systems will typically need very good flatness and surface finish on faces that have integral shafts...

lapping and polishing brassBy: Kemet 15th November 2016

Lapping & Polishing Brass

Case study on Lapping and Polishing Brass

lapping safety valvesBy: Kemet 1st November 2016

Lapping Safety Valves

Kemet Diamond Lapping machines are ideally suited for lapping and repairing safety valves...

polishing steelBy: Kemet 12th October 2016

Lapping & Polishing of Steel

Case study on Lapping and Polishing Steel

lapping recessed surfacesBy: Kemet 4th October 2016

Lapping of Recessed Surfaces

These surfaces would normally require labour intensive hand lapping by a skilled operative, but the market...

Medical Device ManufacturingBy: Kemet 20th September 2016

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Implants are currently in great demand with manufacturers being asked for ever higher standards of surface finish and profile accuracy...

polishing ceramicBy: Kemet 14th September 2016

Lapping & Polishing Ceramic

Case study on Lapping and Polishing Ceramic

polishing graphiteBy: Kemet 23rd August 2016

Lapping & Polishing Graphite

Case study on lapping, polishing and cleaning Graphite

polishing stainless steelBy: Kemet 3rd August 2016

Lapping & Polishing Stainless Steel

Case study on lapping and polishing stainless steel components.

polishing cobaltBy: Kemet 20th July 2016

Polishing Cobalt

Case study on polishing cobalt to a mirror finish.

lapping titaniumBy: Kemet 21st June 2016

Lapping Titanium

Case study on lapping and polishing titanium components.

polishing carbons and carbidesBy: Kemet 24th May 2016

Kemet Develops New Diamond Slurry for Polishing Carbons and Carbides

Best process for polishing Carbon, Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide...

polishing medical implantsBy: Kemet 3rd May 2016

Polishing Medical Implants

Kemet have spent many years developing, perfecting and automating Precision Surface Finishing Processes, specifically for the Medical Industry...

new match lapping machineBy: Kemet 29th April 2016

NEW Match Lapping Machine

The NEW Match Lapping Machine for convex and concave hydraulic pump barrels, swash plates & many other parts.

lapping process for valvesBy: Kemet 15th April 2016

Lapping Process for Valves

Case study on lapping valve body and valve top plate.

By: Kemet 11th April 2016

Hand Lapping Valves

Technical article on hand lapping valves

lapping jewelleryBy: Kemet 7th March 2016

Lapping and Polishing Jewellery

Many jewellery products are lapped and polished using Kemet Systems, the most common applications are when brass is used as the base material.

lapping gate valveBy: Kemet 2nd March 2016

Gate Valve Lapping

Kemet have been supplying gate lapping expertise for over 40 years. They are widely used within the oil and gas sectors to control the flow of fluids and gases.

which lapping plate to useBy: Kemet 15th February 2016

Which Lapping Plate To Use?

A General Guide to which Kemet Lapping Plate and Abrasive to select to lap or polish a given material.

cylinder lappingBy: Kemet 28th January 2016

Reading Light Bands

Interpretation of interference band patterns is fairly simple, read this article to find out more.

cylinder lappingBy: Kemet 15th January 2016

Lapping External Cylinders

To lap a ceramic cylinder to a polish finish, using no oil based products.

hand lapping techniquesBy: Kemet 8th December 2015

Hand Lapping Techniques

Techniques for hand lapping a wide range of hard and soft materials, including ceramic, tungsten carbide, stellite, hard and soft steel, silicon nitride, brass, etc.

work holding methodsBy: Kemet 30th November 2015

Work Holding Methods

Work holding is one of the most important factors when carrying out a lapping operation.

aircraft and aerospace maintenanceBy: Kemet 27th November 2015

Aircraft & Aerospace Engineering

Kemet Diamond Flat Lapping Systems are widely used throughout the aircraft and aerospace industries

how to fix surface finishing problemsBy: Kemet 18th November 2015

Surface Finishing Problems & How to Fix Them

Problems regarding 'Orange Peel' and how to rectify.

By: Kemet 6th November 2015
By: Kemet 22nd October 2015

Polishing Tungsten Carbide

The Lapping and Polishing of Tungsten Carbide and Diamond Wire Drawing Dies.

sapphire wafer lapping processBy: Kemet 17th August 2015

Sapphire Lapping and Polishing Process

The use of Single Crystal Sapphire, as a high quality original opto-mechatronic material in the information age...

fall in oil and gasBy: Kemet 3rd June 2015

Kemet Offset Falling Oil and Gas Revenues

The oil and gas industries have been through a tough time over the last 12 months dealing with the dramatic fall in production revenues...

lapping plates for fast stock removalBy: Kemet 26th May 2015

New all in one Lapping Plate with enhanced stock removal and surface finish

Component designers are increasingly demanding lapped surfaces on the parts they create...

medical implant makersBy: Kemet 21st April 2015

Kemet provides bright future for medical implant makers

Operating at the forefront of orthopaedic implant polishing technology for over 15 years, Kemet International Ltd has transformed...

By: Kemet 5th February 2015

Clover Lapping Compound Comparision Chart

Comparision between clover lapping compound and Kemet lapping compound.

By: Kemet 23rd January 2015

Lapping Pressure Relief Valve Bodies and Caps

The lapping of each part requires a similar lapping process, but a different technique.

how to use a flatness gaugeBy: Kemet 30th October 2014

How to use a Flatness gauge

Technical guide on calibrating a flatness gauge

By: Kemet 14th October 2014

Lapping plate flatness

Maintenance procedures on keeping lapping plates flat

lapping mechanical sealsBy: Kemet 4th September 2014

Lapping and Polishing Mechanical Seal Faces

Technical article on lapping Mechanical Seal Faces. Kemet Lapping Systems are used in both manufacturing and reconditioning processes...

By: Kemet 26th June 2014

How to Measure Flatness

Technical article on measuring flatness

By: Kemet 11th June 2014

Kemet Annular Groove Lapping Systems

Generating shoulder flatness of better than 0.001mm

By: Kemet 7th April 2014

How to keep optical flats in great condition?

Introducing our new product to keep optical flats in great condition. Taking special care of these will ensure accuracy and long service

By: Kemet 1st March 2014
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