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Component Cleaning and FPI Solutions for Aerospace Manufacturing and MRO

In the aerospace industry, component cleanliness is essential for the safety and efficiency of operations. This requires demanding cleaning and Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT) solutions for both manufacturing and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industries. Kemet is a trusted partner among the world’s leading aviation companies, providing smart technical solutions, equipment reliability, and customer-oriented technical support.

Kemet’s cleaning and FPI solutions provide seamless and streamlined processing with data logging, ensuring traceability of processed batches. This reduces the risk of human error and lessens the need for reprocessing. Kemet’s superior cleaning is achieved through the use of ultrasonics, which is the most efficient cleaning method for industrial parts cleaning. Additionally, automatic vision systems are available to provide consistent and reliable cleaning results. Kemet’s equipment is built to last and requires minimal operator involvement, resulting in significant cost savings. The equipment also minimises water consumption through smart recycling, reducing environmental impact and operating costs. Kemet’s innovative encrypted remote support enables technicians to provide technical support to customers from anywhere in the world. This ensures long-term partnerships and timely technical support.

Kemet’s cleaning solutions are suitable for a range of aerospace components, including jet engine parts, machined aeroplane fuselage parts, engine bearings, wheel hubs, wheel bearings, brake parts, and other small parts. The ultrasonic cleaning method used by Kemet ensures that components are cleaned thoroughly, removing contaminants and ensuring the highest level of cleanliness possible.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Aerospace - Case Study

Customers Criteria: Remove dirt and grease.
Component: Hydraulic Pipe Line
Material: Stainless steel & plastic conduit pipe
Contamination prior to cleaning: General dirt and grease. Dried de-icing fluid, Carbon dust.
Total number off: 4 batches
Number off per run: 1 initially, then processed 5 plus per cycle.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Agent Temperature(s) Concentration
Kemet MI 80 Ultrasonic Cleaner Roadaclean Supra 70°C 5%
Kemet MI 80 Rinse Tank Deionised water 30°C 100%

Process for cleaning Aerospace / Aircraft parts (braided pipe)

Initially, one pipe was processed on its own for a cycle of 20 minutes. Lifting the basket out and dunking after 10 minutes, just to move any settled debris. After the full 20 minute cycle is complete, move the parts into the Kemet MI 80 rinse tank and manually dunk several time to ensure a thorough clean.

After this initial test, multiple parts were cleaned in the same process all with excellent results.

Kemet suggest the use of two MI 80s with a filtration system if you have a large amount of pipe to clean. This would prolong the life of the fluid inside the tank due to the large amount of debris.

% Satisfactorily Cleaned: 100%.
Etched effect: None

Before cleaning Aerospace part

before cleaning Aerospace part

before cleaning Aerospace piping

After cleaning Aerospace part

after cleaning Aerospace part

after cleaning Aerospace piping

Cleaning of Aircraft Wheels and Brakes

Maintaining aircraft wheels and brakes in good condition is crucial for the safety of flights. However, cleaning small parts of wheels and brakes can be a challenging task due to their complex design and the need to adhere to strict environmental, health, and safety (EHS) regulations. To address these challenges, Kemet offers a cleaning line that ensures high cleaning quality, productivity, and EHS compliance.

The cleaning line is designed to clean small parts of wheels and brakes, such as wheel bearings, bolts, screws, and brake parts, in a single, centralised place. The cleaning line consists of three tanks, each with a specific purpose. The first tank is a spray wash tank that is specifically designed to clean wheel bearings. The tank features spray nozzles that are aimed at the bearings, and the bearing rack is moved vertically during cleaning to ensure that all parts are cleaned thoroughly. The second tank in the line is an ultrasonic bath for water-based cleaning of nuts, bolts, and other small parts. The ultrasonic cleaning module is equipped with automatic tuning features of ultrasonic generators to ensure high cleaning quality. The third tank is a rinse tank for removing detergent residues from small parts after ultrasonic cleaning. This tank can also be used to apply rust prevention treatment to small parts. The cleaning line is also equipped with a manually controlled pneumatic-assisted hoist for ergonomic and user-friendly basket handling.

These cleaning lines offer several advantages that make it a suitable solution for aircraft wheel and brake repair stations. First, the compact and modular design of the cleaning line allows for easy integration of each module if the complete line is not purchased at once. This flexibility makes it possible to add modules later as needed, thus reducing upfront costs. Second, the cleaning line is equipped with dedicated spraying nozzles in the bearing cleaning module for high cleaning quality. This ensures that all parts are cleaned thoroughly and eliminates the risk of contamination. Third, the ultrasonic cleaning module is equipped with automatic tuning features of ultrasonic generators that guarantee high cleaning quality and efficiency. Fourth, the closed loop particle filtration in the cleaning line reduces liquid consumption, making the cleaning process more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Cleaning of Aircraft Wheels and Brakes

Cleaning of Fuselage Parts: Ensuring Safe and Reliable Aerospace Operations

In the aerospace industry, the cleaning of mechanised aluminium fuselage parts is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and reliability of operations. Fuselage parts must be cleaned thoroughly before and after non-destructive testing (NDT) to ensure a chemically clean and dry surface that extends to any possible cracks. Cleanliness is determined using various methods, such as the water break test. Parts can range widely in size and shape, from small parts cleaned in small insert baskets to fuselage parts measuring several metres in length. The geometry of some parts can pose a challenge and require special treatment.

Kemet provides advanced cleaning solutions for the aerospace industry, ensuring that fuselage parts are processed with utmost care and precision. Parts are processed in cleaning racks that ensure that they remain in place and are not scratched during the cleaning process. The cleaning solutions involve the use of jet cleaning technology in the pre-cleaning phase, followed by the ultrasonic cleaning phase. During the DI rinsing phase, various types of residue are rinsed away, leaving a chemically clean surface. To address intricate details during the cleaning process, manual intervention is provided, allowing operators to rinse and dry components using a handheld pistol. The final stage involves drying through a re-circulating hot air dryer, while the advanced control system enables accurate temperature management and process data logging.

FPI Line for Fuselage: Ensuring High-Quality Process Solutions

Fuselage parts that have undergone NDT can then processed using an FPI line, which involves the application of a liquid penetrant followed by a developer. The FPI line ensures that any surface cracks or defects are detected and identified, ensuring that only safe and reliable parts are used in aerospace operations.

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