Save on Elbow Grease with Kemet Mould Tool Cleaning Solutions

Kemet International have been a supplier of surface finishing solutions to the mould and tool industry for over 60 years. Over that time their range of power hand tools and UK manufactured ISO 9001 complimentary consumables have been an essential part of any tool room.

A recent addition to the range is a cleaning process that can take any used mould tool, be it injection moulding or Die casting, and bring it back to a near new condition removing any contamination in on average 1 hour. This requires no manual scrubbing; simply a Kemet Ultrasonic Cleaner and a special aqueous based mould cleaning solution.

injection mould cleaning

Normally cleaning would require a manual process using abrasives that will not only remove the contamination, but also material from the parent metal changing the geometry of a mould and damaging precision edges profiles and surfaces until it can no longer be used. The cost to the industry in labour time, and mould refurbishment or replacement is significant. With our solution, all that is removed is the contaminant, and this can be plastic or rubber residue, release agent build up, non-ferrous mould debris and more; all with no manual input other than loading and unloading the tool being cleaned.

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Since the system is an aqueous process which in combination with ultrasonic cavitation action searches even the most difficult areas of a tool, no solvents are needed, making the process kinder to the environment.

This particular project typifies the way Kemet like to work. Rather than simply sending a potentially suitable cleaning fluid, we prefer to take on the test work in house so that once a solution has been finalised, all the test parameters can be easily transferred to a client’s system. It’s never simply about the chemistry within a cleaning tank; it’s a combination of chemistry, temperature, concentration and mechanical action, and it makes far more sense for us to determine the optimum complete process, rather than hope that a client has the patience to test a variety of parameters when testing one of our potential cleaning fluids.

This extends to filtration which can greatly improve the cleaning life of a detergent, and whether domestic or DI water is needed. Kemet can supply systems that will guarantee the quality of water used within a process, and systems that can treat the contaminated water at the end of its usable life. However, we understand this level of control, although beneficial, is not essential to every user. We put the same energy into a project that requires only a small amount of cleaning fluid as we do into a project that will need a multi stage automated cleaning line. For us, it’s all about solving a problem.

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