Removing Weld Burn Marks - Case Study

Customers Criteria: To remove contamination.
Material: Steel
Contamination prior to cleaning: Welding burn marks

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Agent Temperature(s) Concentration
Versa 120 Ultrasonic cleaner 30Khz Rodastel 30 40°C 5%
Versa 120 Rinse tank Tap water 25°C 100%

Process for removing weld heat marks from Stainless steel:

Stage 1 – Ultrasonic wash: Rodastel 30 was used as it’s an acidic product good at removing burn/Heat staining. The Versa 120 ultrasonic cleaner was filled with tap water and diluted with a 5% concentration of Rodastel 30 cleaning fluid. The tank was allowed to reach the required temperature of 40°C and degassed. A single part was tested for 10 minutes, the oxidation around the burn marks has been removed but the welding marks still remain. Mechanical polishing is required to fully remove the marks. Stage 2 – Tap water rinse: Next the parts were rinsed in tap water for 2 minutes. The Rodastel 30 detergent residue must be removed to avoid any staining. Stage 3 – Airline dry: The parts were airline dried with an airline

Before removing weld burn marks

before removing weld burn marks

removing welding heat marks

After removing weld burn marks

after removing weld burn marks

after removing welding heat marks

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