Removing Dirt From Crystals - Case Study

Customers Criteria: Free from all contamination
Material: Fluorite
Component: Crystal
Contamination prior to cleaning: Dirt, soil

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Fluid Temperature(s) Concentration
Kemet 30 Rodaweg 60°C 5%
Kemet 30 Tap water 45°C 100%
Kemet 30 Solvit 3 40°C 10%
Kemet 30 DI Water 50°C 100%
Versa 120 Dryer N/A 65°C N/A

Process for cleaning crystals:

Batch A

The crystals were cleaned as a batch of 3, firstly the crystals were placed facing down in the basket. This will ensure optimal results as the crystals are in the direct line of the ultrasonic waves. The first wash with Rodaweg, which has very high emulsifying properties and is very effective at removing stubborn contamination/dirt. The crystals were cleaned in the Rodaweg for 30 minutes then rinsed in tap water for 2 minutes with ultrasonics. Next the crystals were placed in the Solvit 3 acidic wash tank and cleaned for 30 minutes. Solvit 3 will de-grease, de-oxidizes and also condition/neutralise the surface of the crystals ensuring a spot free finish. The crystals were then rinsed in tap water again for 2 minutes with ultrasonics, followed by a final rinse in DI water using ultrasonics for 2 minutes. Lastly the crystals were dried in a hot air dryer for 5 minutes at 65°C. The batch was inspected, showing good results the process was repeated. Total cleaning time in each fluid, 60 minutes.

Batch B

A batch of 4 crystals were cleaned using the same parameter as before, the only change being the cycle times. All crystals in batch B were cleaned in the Rodaweg and Solvit3 for 60 minutes. All temperatures and rinsing times remain the same as batch A.

Before & After crystal is cleaned (Batch A)

Before crystal is cleaned

Before crystal is cleaned

After 30 minutes of cleaning

After crystal is cleaned for 30 mins

After 60 minutes of cleaning

After crystal is cleaned

Before & After crystals are cleaned (Batch B)

Before crystals are cleaned

Before crystals are cleaned

After crystals are cleaned

After crystals are cleaned

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