Die Cleaning (Extrusion Die Cleaning)

An ultrasonic cleaning machine cleans even the most demanding parts efficiently and saves working hours. Undoubtedly, ultrasonic cleaning has many advantages in industrial maintenance cleaning of production equipment

Conventional mechanical, manual cleaning of moulds, dies, extrusion tools and press tools is slow, labour intensive and sometimes abrasive and destructive to mould surface. Ultrasonic mould cleaning is based on a combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning to remove dry or wet contamination on metallic surfaces. It is gentle and non-abrasive to the base material. The cleaning takes place in immersion so no operator is required in the cleaning process.

die cleaning machine

Industry Applications Contamination
Plastic and rubber Moulds Oxides, gases, release agents, rubber and plastic residues, oil, scale
Cold forming Press tools Metal debris, grease, oil, gall
Casting foundries Die cast moulds Metal debris, oxides, carbon, grease, graphite
Plastic and aluminium extrusion Extrusion dies Plastic, aluminium
Glass moulding Glass moulds Grease, graphite

Options for mould and die handling

A lifting beam or basket is used for supporting the mould and die parts during the washing process. Tanks are equipped with support bars that are compatible with both the lifting beam and basket, and allow detaching the hoist and closing the tank lid for the duration of the cleaning.

Lifting beam for mould plates

  • The mould is hung on the beam with shackles.
  • A matching interface for the support bars in the tank.
  • One point lifting for convenient handling with a chain hoist
lifting beam for ultrasonic cleaner

Basket for mould and die plates / parts

  • The mould or die is hung on the beam with shackles.
  • A matching interface for the support bars in the tank.
  • One point lifting for convenient handling with a chain hoist
basket for mould and die cleaning

Chain Hoist

  • Compatible with the cleaning line
  • Ergonomic load handling
  • A ready-to-use floor fitted chain hoist makes the purchasing and installation a straight forward process.
  • The complete system is CE marked.
mould die tool cleaning

Ergo Station

Ergo Station is an innovation for the manual rinsing, flushing, drying and inspection of die and moulds. Its main advantages include a high level of safety and ergonomics thanks to a fully enclosed, brightly lit and ventilated working chamber. Operating the machine is safe and easy as parts are loaded through a sliding side door and supported with a hoist during the treatment.

die cleaning process

Die cleaning process

    1. Ultrasonic wash at 80°C for about 5-15 minutes
    2. Rinsing with air bubble agitation for about 1 minute


  1. Preservation with dewatering or hot passivation for about 1 minute
  2. Inspection / manual intervention

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