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The Importance of Effective Cleaning in Medical Implant Manufacturing

The medical implant industry is a crucial sector that aims to improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. To achieve this goal, the manufacture of medical implants must be of the highest quality and free from contamination. In line with this, multi-stage aqueous ultrasonic immersion lines have become the standard method of cleaning oils and compounds from medical implants. These lines are typically found at the end of every manufacturing process and are equipped with filtration and surface skimming to remove contaminants.

However, even with filtration and surface skimming, the level of contaminants can still have a significant effect on the cleaning results. This is particularly true for complex parts with blind threaded holes such as stems and femoral parts, where trapped contaminants pose a significant risk. To overcome this issue, fixture design is essential, and Kemet, in collaboration with their partners at Finnsonic, now offer modular spray tanks to remove heavy contamination from any surface, including hard-to-reach cavities and holes.

The Conventional Method of Spray Washing and Its Limitations

In the past, separate spray washers were the only option for removing heavy contaminants from medical implants. This method involved manual labour, where parts had to be transferred from one basket to another, first from the manufacturing process to the spray washer and then from the spray washer to the ultrasonic line. This manual transfer not only increased the likelihood of human error but also added an extra step to the cleaning process, leading to additional time and resources being spent on manual handling.

The Advantages of Kemet's Modular Spray Systems Kemet's new modular spray systems have revolutionised the cleaning process by incorporating the spray tank into an automated line. This eliminates the need for manual handling, reducing the risk of human error and increasing efficiency. The spray tank is integrated into the line, and the parts are transferred through the process in the same basket, reducing the time and resources spent on manual handling.

In Line Spray and Ultrasonic Immersion Tank

The spray tank removes heavy contaminants by spraying, and these contaminants are collected and kept separate from the ultrasonic tanks. This separation prevents the contaminants from affecting the cleaning results in the ultrasonic tanks, leading to a more effective cleaning process. Additionally, by collecting the contaminants separately, the longevity of filters and detergents is greatly extended, reducing the day-to-day cost of running the line.

In conclusion, Kemet's modular spray systems offer a more efficient and effective cleaning solution for medical implant manufacturers. By incorporating the spray tank into an automated line and eliminating manual handling, Kemet's solution reduces the risk of human error, increases efficiency, and extends the longevity of filters and detergents, making it a cost-effective solution for the medical implant industry.

Kemet offers non-foaming detergents specifically designed for spray washing, meaning they can provide a full ultrasonic and spray wash turnkey solution for any challenge. The modular design of the spray tank allows for greater efficiency and repeatability, making it an ideal solution for in-process cleaning requirements.

In conclusion, effective cleaning is essential for the manufacture of high-quality medical implants. With Kemet's modular spray and ultrasonic immersion tanks, the medical implant industry can ensure that their products are free from contamination, and the risk of trapped contaminants is significantly reduced. If you would like to learn more about how modular spray washing can improve the efficiency and repeatability of your in-process cleaning requirements, don't hesitate to contact Kemet today.

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