Cutting edge surface finishing and cleaning technologies

Kemet offer a touch of “Genius” to conquer your cleaning challenge

Kemet International’s reputation for cutting edge surface finishing and cleaning technologies is once again underlined with the release of the new Versa Genius cleaning system from Finnsonic. This new modular, compact and smart system builds on the success of the Versa + range, with new ground-breaking features that ensure constant maximum performance within the tanks thanks to the new Genius adaptable digital ultrasonic generators.

The Versa Genius cleaning line is composed of washing, rinsing, and drying modules ranging from 50 to 140 litres. A system can be as basic as a single ultrasonic tank, or as complex as a multi-stage fully automatic, fully enclosed cleaning cell; all constructed to the high standards associated with Finnsonic equipment distributed in the UK by Kemet.

The real Genius is incorporated within the new digital ultrasonic generators. It’s long been accepted that changing conditions within an ultrasonic tank, like the size of parts being cleaned or the amount of contamination within a tank, can affect the performance of the ultrasonic action. The new Genius technology constantly measures the conditions within the ultrasonic tanks, and changes the frequency and power settings to ensure you are always getting the best cleaning results to suit whatever is being cleaned. This new digital technology has other benefits. The energy required to heat and power the Genius range is substantially less than that needed for competing systems, so there is a cost saving every day that a system is in use.

Kemet offer free trials to establish the best combination of ultrasonic equipment and cleaning fluids. With a range of over 400 to choose from, most manufactured by the renowned Swiss based NGL Cleaning Technology, you don’t have to be a genius to realise that Kemet are the solution to your cleaning challenges.

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