Sustainable Industrial Cleaning with Safe Solvents

Sustainable cleaning is about using and improving methods and products that are safer for the environment and human health. These Eco-friendly cleaning products can reduce water and air pollution, as well as help the fight against ozone depletion and climate change for the future. These cleaning machines operate in a complete vacuum treatment cycle in all phases, ensuring excellent cleaning of finished products from wastage and oily substances, without releasing harmful substances into the environment. The Sustainability benefits vs other industrial cleaning methods are:

  • Virtually no air emissions in closed machines
  • Zero water consumption in cleaning
  • Continuous solvent recovery via built-in distillation. Long solvent lifespan and less solvent waste.

These cleaning systems take sustainability to the next level by adopting a waste hierarchy that encompasses three key levels: reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing the consumption of cleaning fluids and water, as the vacuum applied in the distillation and in the shavings drying allows less consumption, using about 20 times lower than the regulation, per year.

Cleaning with Solvents

A sophisticated ‘Double Distillation’ allows for separation of up to 99% (the highest value among the washing machines on the market) of the oil from the modified alcohol so that the content of alcohol in distillation residues before extracting it from the cleaning machine is ~1%. The applied technology allows in particular the use of modified alcohols that ensure a degreasing quality results similar to those that can be obtained with perchloroethylene (chlorinated solvent classified as a suspected carcinogen). These washing machines guarantee the total absence of contaminated remains on the parts and in the environment. The systems guarantee a 100 % increase in production capacity, and a 50% reduction in electricity consumption and waste of washing liquid during the reclamation operations of the systems.

The vacuum range during the cycle is 100 - 1 millibar. This is guaranteed by three different vacuum generating groups, each one with its special own characteristics to take advantage of all its use capabilities and makes it suitable for a wide variety of parts treatment cycles.

A rust-preventing treatment is automatically applied in vacuum and this allows avoidance of further processing, unlike other industrial cleaning units which normally have these additional steps.

The final drying can reach a vacuum of up to 1 millibar, ensuring the items are dried perfectly. Filters are fitted with the drying system, allowing the solvent retained by the shavings to evaporate automatically and in vacuum; this way the shavings taken out of the filter will be dry and deodorised and will not cause the operator any problems. The Double Condensation and thermal abatement during the drying phase allows a flow at the Chimney near 0, with a few grams /cubic meter traces of alcohol.

The vacuum applied during the whole cycle allows a reduction in the cycle duration, which can be halved in comparison with the normal cycle at atmospheric pressure.

The ideal applications are recommended according to the quantities to be treated, the quantity of contamination, the size of the semi-finished products. This Technology is appreciated in the fields of medical, dental, precision mechanics, electronics, automotive, oleodynamic components, heat treatment, moulded components, springs, jewellery, watches, cookware and cutlery.

Oil content in waste stream Cleaner residue in waste stream Total energy required to convert a liquid substance at room temperature (20°C) to gas
Per-/Trichloroethylene >95% <5% 300 J/g
Modified alcohols >80% <20% 488 J/g
Water-based cleaning 50% 100% 2594 J/g
kemet ISO 9001

BSI number Q05919

Over 85 years of service to industry

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